ADI Acquires Domosys PowerBUS RHINO Power-Line Communications Technology

Domosys Corporation, a leading provider of power-line communication technology, announced that Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI), global leader in high-performance semiconductors for signal processing applications including energy metering, has acquired the Domosys PowerBUS[tm] RHINO power-line communications technology and all related patents, hardware, and software. Domosys also announced it will cease operations immediately.

“Eighteen months ago, Domosys and ADI entered into an exclusive development and distribution agreement under which Domosys integrated its leading PowerBUS[tm] RHINO technology into ADI’s new energy metering IC products,” said Alain Laflamme, president of Domosys Corporation. “During that period, we also co-developed reference designs to meet the needs of the electrical Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) market around the world. The ADI acquisition is the culmination of a research and development effort that started 15 years ago.”

ADI will develop new products incorporating the PowerBUS[tm] RHINO technology and expects to announce these offerings under the Analog Devices brand later this year.

“We are grateful to our customers as well as to business partners with whom we have developed excellent relationships over the years; without their ongoing support, none of this would have been possible,” Mr. Laflamme added. “As we have concluded this transaction, Domosys’ operations are ceasing immediately.”

“The global demand for AMI applications has greatly increased in recent years, especially in China, North America, and Europe,” said Ronn Kliger, product line director, Energy Metering Products, Analog Devices. “The technology developed by Domosys provides ADI with an excellent foundation for expanding our energy-metering portfolio with new products for the growing AMI market as well as other markets that require no-new-wire communication systems.”

About PowerBUS[tm] RHINO
The RHINO Technology uses a vanguard technique on PLC signalling bringing never-seen before levels of communication reliability. It’s been designed to address today’s mass-market deployments and evolve with tomorrow’s reality. Instead of using traditional methodology (selecting the cleanest frequency band, adding up forward error correction and generating the strongest allowed signal), the RHINO Technology is based on a completely new fundamental approach. PLC environments around the world as well as the devices known to impede communications have been characterized. Then a number of new innovative PLC signalling techniques have been tailored made to excel under these various harshconditions. The result is a PLC technology out performing existing C&C PLC technologies, providing a reliable communications in residential and commercial environments while complying with the restrictive international conducted emission regulations: FCC (USA), CENELEC (Europe and Asia) and ICES-006 (CANADA).

About Domosys
Founded in 1994, Domosys Corporation was a leading provider of Power-Line Communication (PLC) technology for the control networking market.