Nangate Announces Standard Cell Library Development Services

Nangate, the leading provider of tools for application-specific digital cell library development, announced that it is offering library development services to assist customers in the development of standard-cell libraries for a wide range of CMOS process technologies, from mature nodes to leading-edge 32nm and 28nm processes.

This new service leverages Nangate’s expertise in developing and licensing the premier digital cell library development platform on the market today – the Nangate Library Creator[TM] – as well as providing technology support to customers for more than 20 target process technologies.

Process technology setup has already been completed for the 28nm node – and Nangate’s library creation flow has been thoroughly tested with a range of different cell templates in this advanced process node.

“We are ramping up our service business in order to jump-start our library tools customers,” says Jens C. Michelsen, Co-founder and Director of Professional Services at Nangate Inc. In the current economic environment, IDMs and fabless companies alike are looking for ways to save costs – but at the same time, the need for specialty libraries beyond the standard offerings from traditional library providers and foundries is increasing.

“Faced with reduced headcounts, outsourcing of library development projects is a growing trend, but at the same time, maintaining full control and preserving ownership of physical IP is more important than ever to our customers.”

In response to this dilemma, Nangate’s service model is mutually beneficial. With the technology setup and several cell templates readily available, we can help our customers hit the ground running. Instead of engaging in the elaborate technology evaluations that are usually associated with EDA tool investments, our service approach allows us to demonstrate the unique capabilities that our tools have to offer while we deliver real value to the customer.

“The customer receives a high-quality, fully characterized, tailor-made library that solves a specific current demand, with no royalties, usage restrictions or other ties,” Jens Michelsen concludes.

About Nangate
Nangate develops and markets Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software and physical library IP. Through the merger of physical synthesis and cell library creation, the company provides a unique alternative to one-size-fits-all standard-cell libraries and offers a low-risk alternative to full-custom chip design. Nangate software provides a complete environment to optimize designs for performance while minimizing power consumption, die area and time to market.