Arrow Electronics to Showcase Intel Atom at Embedded Masterclass

The high-tech developers event, Embedded Masterclass has announced that Arrow Electronics will be exhibiting the new Intel Atom processor, Intel’s smallest processor that is built with the world’s smallest transistors. The Intel® Atom[tm] processor is based on an entirely new design, built for low power and designed specifically for a new wave of Mobile Internet Devices and simple, low-cost PC’s. Newly designed from the ground up, 45nm Intel® Atom[tm] processors pack an astounding 47 million transistors on a single chip measuring less than 26mm², making them Intel’s smallest and lowest power processors.

“This is exciting stuff,” said Richard Blackburn, the organiser of the Embedded Masterclass. “This is the kind of product engineers want to learn about. Intel is a highly respected brand, and when they launch such a capable low power device with such a small footprint, I think engineers will want to get along and find out all about it. It’s the kind of device that engineers are looking towards for the next generation of electronic devices.”

Based on an entirely new microarchitecture, the Intel® Atom[tm] processor was developed specifically for targeted performance and low power while maintaining full Intel® Core[tm] microarchitecture instruction set compatibility. Intel® Atom[tm] processors also feature multiple threads for better performance and increased system responsiveness. All of this on a chip that measures less than 26mm², making it Intel’s smallest and lowest power processor yet.

“We are looking forward to taking part in this year’s Embedded Masterclass,” said Kevin Beach, Technical Marketing Manager at Arrow. “The fact that it bills itself as a technical forum for embedded systems development makes this an ideal opportunity for us to exhibit and demonstrate Intel’s exciting new Atom processor. This is Intel’s smallest and lowest power processor to date, making ideal for the next generation of mobile wireless technology and handheld devices. We will have an engineer available to discuss reference design platforms and development tools for the Atom device.”

Over the past 9 years, the Embedded Masterclass has established itself as an important UK event for engineers looking to explore the most recent tools and technologies for the development of embedded systems. Over the years it has grown from a small seminar into a much larger event that now includes a tabletop exhibition, an agenda of technical presentations and a collection of high quality workshops. It attracts electronics engineers, embedded computing engineers, designers and project managers, giving them the chance to meet with engineers from many of the world’s leading vendors of development tools and realtime and embedded technologies. The Embedded Masterclass is recognised for the quality of its presentations, which are technical in content and presented by experienced and knowledgeable engineers. It’s free to engineers and managers in the technology sector, although the workshops carry a small charge.

“What we have always tried to create, is a well organised, ‘non-sales’ forum where engineers can learn about the latest technologies and techniques,” said Richard Blackburn. “We want engineers to walk away from the event feeling that it’s been a really productive use of their time. We know the pressures engineers are often under, so we appreciate how valuable their time can be.”

This year’s event will include four workshops: an Embedded Linux workshop; a ‘GUI Development’ workshop, a ‘Software Timing Analysis’ workshop and a ‘MISRA C++’ workshop. The free technical presentations will discuss such issues as the use of 3D CAD technology for enclosure design, and data management in realtime and embedded systems. The Exhibition includes vendors such as US based MontaVista, (a leader in commercial Linux), and Wind River, Canadian-based QNX, and Tilcon, and European companies such as Lauterbach and Goepel.

“It shaping up to be a good event,” said Richard Blackburn. “We have plenty of vendors on board and registrations are already coming in for the workshops. It should be an exciting and fun event again this year.”

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