Jasper Design Automation Announces Design Activation Services

Jasper Design Automation, provider of advanced formal technology solutions, announced its Design Activation Services to help both design houses and commercial IP vendors reap the benefits of design and IP reuse, amortizing research and development costs over multiple IC design projects. Jasper’s new service offering consists of specialized consulting to deliver an Activated Design – an executable design database – for a particular design block, several blocks, or an entire library. Design Activation Services promote easy comprehension, delivery and efficient reuse of both legacy designs and commercial IP. Design Activation Services leverage the company’s recently announced ActiveDesign[tm] with Behavioral Indexing[tm], along with the expertise of its formal applications team. Jasper’s Design Activation Services and Activated Designs target SoC designers who use internal IP, commercial IP providers that want to proliferate their IP, and design services companies supporting platform-based designs.

Jasper’s Design Activation Services address the growing IP and design reuse imperative, and help companies reduce their fixed costs through outsourcing. The benefits of using Activated Designs for legacy design reuse include acceleration of time to market; saving valuable engineering time and resource costs; reducing risk by leveraging proven design blocks; and higher ROI on IP design work that has already been done, with costs amortized over more projects. The key benefits of an Activated Design for commercial IP include easier IP comprehension for ease of integration; more rapid IP adoption and proliferation; lower learning costs for the IP user; and lower support costs for IP vendors.

“In order to reduce design costs and business risks, increase design productivity and speed time to market, today’s legacy designs and commercially purchased IP must be leveraged to the highest advantage,” said Kathryn Kranen, Jasper’s president and CEO. “Jasper is harnessing the true potential of fast and efficient IP reuse by delivering dramatic breakthroughs in design comprehension, reuse and IP delivery. The new ActiveDesign product line and Design Activation Services help our customers capture the business opportunity of design reuse, enabling faster time to market, lower development costs, focused innovation, compatibility and reduced project risk.”

Pricing and Availability
Jasper’s Design Activation Services have been used successfully at key customer sites. This service offering is currently available worldwide, and prices are quoted on a per block basis, with unlimited users. An ActiveDesign license is required to employ the Activated Design database. With this license, users can comprehend, safely modify, and retarget the RTL design for new uses over the life of the design, and its derivatives. For a quote on Design Activation Services, ranging from a single block to a complete IP library, please call +1.650.966.0245, or send email to info@jasper-da.com.

About ActiveDesign with Behavioral Indexing
ActiveDesign with Behavioral Indexing is the first EDA solution for behavior-based RTL analysis and verification by designers that can be used to capture and preserve the intended behaviors of a design as it is being implemented. Powered by formal analysis and Jasper’s new Behavioral Indexing technology, ActiveDesign delivers dramatic breakthroughs in design comprehension, driving higher RTL design quality and greater designer productivity. This is accomplished by automatically producing waveforms for behavior-based analysis of new use cases, programming sequences, etc., without a testbench or simulator. Jasper’s Behavioral Indexing technology enables ActiveDesign to iteratively extract, index and store relevant design behaviors, along with the RTL, in a dynamic, executable database referred to as the Activated Design[tm]. Activated Designs are optimized for complex yet flexible behavior-based analysis and automatic regressions. ActiveDesign reduces verification time, accelerates knowledge transfer, improves design maintenance, and enables efficient reuse.

About Jasper Design Automation
Jasper is a privately-held EDA software company leveraging formal technologies to deliver high value solutions for the design and verification of electronic systems and semiconductors. The company delivers products utilizing advanced formal analysis and Behavioral Indexing[tm] technologies to the global electronics market. Jasper is headquartered in Mountain View, California, and has offices and distributors located in North America, South America, Europe, and Japan.

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