Embest Announces DevKit270 Development Kit

Embest announced the availability of a development kit DevKit270 based on Marvell XScale 520MHz PXA270 ARM processor. The DevKit270 main board is highly integrated with 1GByte of MDOC flash and 128MByte of SDRAM as well as a MiniSD card slot supporting up to 2GB capacity. It features standard Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and a 3,500 mAH rechargeable Lithium battery. A barcode scanner interface and a RFID antenna interface are also available. The board exposes many other hardware interfaces including RS232 serial port, USB Host/Device, LCD/TSP and Jtag. It mainly targets the development of PDA, Handheld PC, Tablet PC and smart phones.

The DevKit270 main board is able to support WinCE OS. The software package includes WinCE6.0 BSP and drivers, of which many are in source code. Embest also provide user manual, schematic drawing and datasheet documents to help customers better understand the board. This would be an ideal solid basis for your embedded applications.

Embest Devkit270 Development Kit is designed specially for evaluating the DevKit270 main board. It is housed in a case and preloaded with WinCE6.0 OS for testing. User can display it using a DATA IMAGE 7″ TFT LCD and Touch screen. It includes a tiny RFID antenna board inside as well as a 8-pin Jtag connector for reserved extension. The front panel of the case is made of aluminum alloy while the rear panel is designed using engineering plastic. The kit has ebook functions, supporting Microsoft office applications such as WORD, EXCEL, PDF and TXT for viewing documents; it also has synchronizing function which enables data synchronization between your PC and the kit; it would also be a media player which is capable of playing audio or video files like MP3 or MP4.

More information: Embest