Trusted Foundations Software Integrates with ST-Ericsson Platform

Trusted Logic, the leading provider of Trusted Execution Environments for embedded systems, announces it has integrated its Trusted Foundations[tm] Software on an ST-Ericsson cellular platform. Trusted Foundations Software is a Trusted Execution Environment for wireless devices that need to execute sensitive applciations and control access to critical device resources. It allows the fast and flexible implementation of security features on any hardware platform. The integration of the Trusted Foundations Software is straightforward on many architectures.

Trusted Logic provides expertise to integrate platform-specific hardware, such as cryptographic accelerators or other secure drivers, and add support, when needed, of vendor proprietary interfaces. On the ST-Ericsson cellular platform, Trusted Logic ported its environment on a virtualization layer. The virtualization layer provides isolation between sensitive applications and the main operating system, thus allowing the execution of separate software stacks.

The ST-Ericsson platform combined with Trusted Logic’s security software provides OEMs and telecom operators with a complete security solution, enabling the development and deployment of new value-added services. Thanks to its versatile architecture, the security solution can be deployed on any ST-Ericsson platform while keeping the same interfaces for interoperability.

At Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona next week, Trusted Logic will show its Trusted Foundations Software on the ST-Ericsson platform. Trusted Logic’s booth is in Hall 2, booth 2E59.

Trusted Logic’s collaboration with ST-Ericsson is supported by the Strategic Industrial Innovation Program from OSEO (MaXSSIMM program).

Dominique Bolignano, CEO of Trusted Logic, comments: “Trusted Logic has a long history in collaborating with both NXP Semiconductors’ and STMicroelectronics’ wireless business units. We are very proud to develop solutions for platforms from the newly created ST-Ericsson. Years ago we demonstrated our technology and concepts on ST’s Nomadik platform at 3GSM, enabling mobile payment through NFC communication with a secure link to the SIM. Now that NFC and mobile payment are becoming a reality, it is important for us to demonstrate our solutions are available on the latest ST-Ericsson platforms.”

About Trusted Logic
Trusted Logic is a pioneer in security solutions for digital services – from mobile payment to e-ticketing; from identification to access control – enabling end-users to access services anywhere, anytime, securely. A leading provider of open, secure software for smart cards, terminals and consumer devices, Trusted Logic creates the foundations for converging digital services at the crossroads of telecom, banking, transport, and government. With operations in France, Ireland, and Singapore, Trusted Logic today serves customers worldwide. Its subsidiary, Trusted Labs, offers consulting and security evaluation services and helps customers design and deploy their next digital services.