D-Motion Portable Multimedia Player Features ChipWrights CW4512 DSP

ChipWrights Inc. – part of AD Group – announces that the D-Motion PMP is now being offered in Japan. The D-Motion is a full-function PMP that uses the ChipWrights CW4512 DSP as its core processor.

“We are thrilled that D-Motion is having such great success with ChipWrights’ CW4512 processor,” said Cary Robins, President of ChipWrights, Inc., a semiconductor company based in Bedford, Massachusetts. “ChipWrights’ processors are well-suited for mass market applications with their low cost, high level of integration, low power and feature flexibility,” he added.

D-Motion Portable Multimedia Player (PMP) with ChipWrights CW4512 DSPThe CW4512 has extensive peripheral support for today’s wide array of portable media devices. The inclusion of specific interfaces for connecting to CCD and CMOS image sensors, analog and digital displays, audio CODECs, Secure Digital, and USB 1.1, combined with support for a variety of video and audio formats makes CW4512 an ideal replacement for fixed function devices.

The PMP has a 2.5-inch TFT LCD that provides razor-sharp picture definition and vivid colors on a scratch-resistant screen. The PMP supports standard video and audio formats; a conversion utility provides support for non-standard file formats. A built-in encoder provides direct encoding for TV and DVD for video playback. An SD storage drive provides removable storage capability.

About ChipWrights
ChipWrights, part of UK-based AD Group, is a fabless semiconductor company that designs and develops breakthrough video processing technology to reproduce lifelike imagery. Our programmable Visual Signal Processor (ViSP) architecture is targeted at the insatiable demand for increased performance, programmability and flexibility in emerging video and audio applications. ChipWrights carries a full line of ViSPs. The most recent addition is the CW5631 processor. The ChipWrights CW5631 processor is an embedded System-on-Chip (SoC) development platform designed for multi-purpose devices that require rapid digital imaging processing, low cost, and low power consumption. It combines three independent, programmable processor cores that provide DSP technology; on-chip peripherals and memory support; real-time access and fast context switching. This high performance RISC/SIMD/Vector processor offers an alternative to fixed function devices in imaging applications. The SoC handles large volumes of streaming data while providing a scalable and programmable platform. Features include streaming video input and output ports, Hi-speed USB, I2S audio, Compact Flash, Secure Digital/MMC card, and 10/100 Ethernet interfaces, in addition to other SoC features. This makes the CW5631 an ideal platform for portable or embedded digital media products.

About AD Group
AD Group with its headquarters in Warrington, England, was established in 1997, its primary objective being to create and bring to market leading edge CCTV solutions. The pioneering nature of the Group’s products, with the emphasis very much on R&D, has undoubtedly been a critical element in AD’s success to date. The principal shareholder of AD is Mike Newton who founded UK CCTV giant Dedicated Micros in 1982 which ranks No1 globally for multi channel digital video recorders. In 2001 Dedicated Micros became an integral part of AD Group. Since that time all AD companies have been able to take advantage of a shared technology base, offering the potential for flexible CCTV solutions on the ground, in the air and on the move. Members of AD Group include: AD Aerospace, AD Aviation, AD Network Video, ChipWrights, Dennard, Dedicated Micros, D-Tec, ISD, RemGuard, TSS and TES.