VirtualLogix Creates Android Mobile Phone Environment

VirtualLogix, Inc. a leader in virtualization technology, announced the availability of the Android mobile phone environment on a range of 2G/3G cellular system solutions from ST-Ericsson, on a Linux single processor (ARM926) platform. This solution relies on VirtualLogix’ VLX virtualization software to enable developers to create low cost, high volume phones that provide state-of-the-art user experience and services while effectively preserving the predictability and performance of communication and multimedia functionality. VirtualLogix will demonstrate the solution at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, February 16-19, 2009, in booth 2D49 (Hall 2.0).

“By using VLX virtualization software to efficiently run both the open Operating System (Linux) and a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) simultaneously, OEMs can provide a wealth of Value Added Service to mobile users,” said Glenda Dorchak, CEO of VirtualLogix. “With its support for cost-effective and time-saving cellular system solutions from ST-Ericsson, VLX is significantly increasing the number of applications that consumers can run on their phones for a fraction of the price of a smartphone, effectively enabling open OS platforms to make their way into the high volume consumer phone market.”

“ST-Ericsson is proud to be first to market with a state-of-the-art, high volume phone platform that delivers the ultimate user experience,” said Dan Rabinovitsj, Senior Vice President and Cellular Division General Manager at ST-Ericsson. “VirtualLogix’ VLX virtualization software has helped us to provide maximum product flexibility, innovation and differentiation to our customers. It will reduce both cost and time-to-market, while bringing post-delivery value for OEMs, ODMs and operators looking to introduce multimedia-rich feature phones.”

VLX-patented, innovative virtualization technology brings the benefits of server-side virtualization functionality to mobile devices. Designed for real-time performance, VLX delivers a high performance communication capability which minimizes latency and communications between software running in separate containers on the same processor. Through a shared device framework, VLX provides an innovative and structured mechanism for sharing peripheral devices between different execution containers to enable multi-vendor support. VirtualLogix’ virtualization software allows developers to predictably add new functionality to mobile devices post-delivery, without compromising the initial configuration of any device.

About VirtualLogix
VirtualLogix, Inc. is a leader in Real-Time Virtualization software technology for computing devices. VirtualLogix’ flagship product, VLX, enables a number of multiple operating system environments to run concurrently on shared hardware and software which provides a range of power management, performance, application independence, fault tolerance and security options to address specific market requirements. As a result, any supplier of a computing device is now able to reduce their embedded computing development and bill of material costs, leverage new multicore chip technology, improve time-to-market by using existing software investments and include additional operating system environments to deliver richer functionality with a more attractive user interface and ease of use – while insuring a higher level of security and protection. VirtualLogix is accelerating the availability of next generation computing devices. VirtualLogix, Inc. is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif. with operations in France, Japan and Korea. For more information call 408.636.2800.

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