ROHM Semiconductor Publishes White Paper on Hall Effect IC Switches

ROHM Semiconductor now offers the updated white paper, “Applications for Hall Effect IC Switches in Portable Electronics, 2nd Edition” as a free download on the company’s website. The white paper explains how designers of portable consumer electronic products, such as cell phones, portable computers, digital cameras and navigation systems, can use Hall effect ICs as an effective alternative to mechanical switches to achieve increased reliability as well as cost and/or performance advantages. Topics covered in the Hall effect IC white paper include:

Applications in Portable Electronics, including:

  • Open/Close Detection
  • Screen Orientation
  • Function Selection and Control
  • Hall Effect Technology Basics
  • Hall Effect IC Topologies

The white paper concludes with a summary of the features and benefits of ROHM’s complete family of Hall ICs, including availability in the industry’s smallest chip-scale package; the industry’s lowest average current (as low as 3.5 µA); fully-integrated compensation; push-pull CMOS logic output that eliminates the need for external pull-up resistors; integrated dynamic offset cancellation that yields high sensitivity to allow for less precise placement of the permanent magnet; and an ESD rating of 8kV and -40C to +85C operation, both important for reliable operation in handheld devices.

“ROHM’s updated Hall effect IC white paper provides designers with a useful overview of Hall effect switch principals and topologies,” said Steve Chutka, ROHM Semiconductor Field Application Engineer. “The paper offers specific examples of portable applications to show how ROHM’s CSP-packed ICs offer optimum design benefits for the most demanding, space-limited applications.”

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