Berkeley Design Automation Debuts Analog FastSPICE Nano SPICE Simulator

Berkeley Design Automation, Inc., provider of the Analog FastSPICE[tm] unified circuit verification platform, announced Analog FastSPICE Nano[tm] (AFS Nano), the industry’s fastest SPICE simulator for block-level verification. AFS Nano delivers foundry-certified true SPICE accuracy for DC, AC, transient, and Monte Carlo analyses, and it is available immediately for only $1,900 for a 1-year time-based license.

Integrated circuit designers have used the same “traditional” SPICE simulators for 10 to 30 years. Developed for micron-scale circuits with hundreds of transistors, these simulators severely limit designer efficiency, especially on nanometer-scale highly nonlinear blocks. AFS Nano enables designers to work twice as efficiently and perform more rigorous characterization at a fraction of the price. AFS Nano verifies blocks with up to 5,000 elements, delivering guaranteed golden SPICE waveforms 5x-10x faster than traditional SPICE for even moderately sized blocks (e.g., over 1,000 elements and 1-hour runtime). Available on Linux® and Solaris[tm] platforms, AFS Nano seamlessly integrates into existing design flows, runs standard SPICE netlists and models, and produces standard SPICE outputs.

“AFS Nano is a breakthrough in terms of price/performance for a true SPICE accurate simulator,” said Dr Alison Burdett, Technical Director of Toumaz Technology. “We already used Analog FastSPICE and the Noise Analysis Option for our big analog/RF verification tasks. At this price/performance, AFS Nano is an easy choice for our block-level verification. With AFS Nano, designers will be much more efficient, and it is extremely affordable.”

Analog FastSPICE is the industry’s only unified circuit verification platform for analog, mixed-signal, and RF design. Always delivering true SPICE accurate results, it provides 5x-10x higher performance than traditional SPICE, >1 million-element capacity, and the industry’s only comprehensive noise analysis. The AFS Platform is a single executable that uses advanced algorithms and numerical analysis to rapidly solve the full-circuit matrix and original device equations without any shortcuts. AFS Platform tools include: AFS Nano SPICE simulator, Analog FastSPICE circuit simulator, Noise Analysis Option[tm] device noise analyzer, and RF FastSPICE[tm] multi-tone periodic analyzer.

“Leading analog, mixed-signal, and RF design teams from over 50 companies rely on our Analog FastSPICE unified verification platform to solve the most difficult verification tasks in the world,” said Ravi Subramanian, president and CEO of Berkeley Design Automation. “With AFS Nano, we are delivering a compelling price/performance that is easily 5x-10x superior to that for any other SPICE simulator for block-level verification. With AFS Nano, our customers will benefit from unprecedented efficiency from block-level design through full-circuit verification.”

About Berkeley Design Automation
Berkeley Design Automation, Inc. is the recognized leader in advanced analog, mixed-signal, and RF (AMS/RF) verification. Its Analog FastSPICE unified circuit verification platform combines the accuracy, performance, and capacity needed to verify GHz designs in nanometer-scale silicon. Design teams from top-10 semiconductor companies to leading startups use the AFS Platform to efficiently verify AMS/RF circuits. Founded in 2003, the company has received several industry awards in recognition of its technology leadership and impact on the electronics industry. The company is privately held and backed by Woodside Fund, Bessemer Venture Partners, Panasonic Corp., and NTT Corp.

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