Evatronix Announces R8051XC2 Microcontroller Demo

The Silicon Intellectual Property (IP) provider, Evatronix SA, announced immediate download availability for its R8051XC2 microcontroller demo. R8051XC2 is the world’s fastest 8051 IP core, with 12.1 times better performance than original Intel[tm] 80C51. “We are pleased to supply our potential customers with a demo version of our most advanced 8051 microcontroller,” said Maciej Pyka, 8051 Product Line Manager. “This is a chance to check the IP core’s unique performance in target application for free, with no questions asked.”

“The R8051XC2 is the ultimate result of over a decade of work on 8051 microcontroller IP cores”, said Wojciech Sakowski, Evatronix President. “Every one of over 200 of our successful 8051 designs has contributed to this success and made us the leader in 8051 IP. The R8051XC2, like its predecessor, is a milestone for 8-bit IP industry.”

Availability and customization options
The R8051XC2 is available for free download through Evatronix website as well as download sections at renowned IP reuse and SoC design portals. The demo is ready for implementation in the Altera® Cyclone II FPGA, however, a netlist for a different Altera® or Xilinx® device can be delivered upon request.

About Evatronix
Evatronix SA, founded in 1991 and headquartered in Bielsko-Biala, Poland, develops electronic virtual components (IP cores) along with complementary software and supporting development environments. The company also provides electronic design services. Product lines cover a multitude of solutions from interface controllers and microprocessors to integrated System-on-Chip development platforms. Evatronix IP cores are available directly or through the sales network of its strategic distribution partner, CAST, Inc. (New Jersey, USA – www.cast-inc.com). To find out more about the product portfolio, please send an e-mail to ipcenter@evatronix.pl.