InterDigital Introduces SlimChip Embedded HSPA Wireless Modules

InterDigital, Inc. (NASDAQ:IDCC) unveiled its SlimChip Half-Mini PCIe module and the SlimChip MID module. These compact wireless modules, which use InterDigital’s high-performance SlimChip HSPA baseband IC, are optimized to be embedded in a growing category of innovative mobile broadband devices, such as Smartphones, notebooks, Mobile Internet Devices or MIDs, and consumer electronics.

Strategy Analytics estimates that the MID market will grow more than 100 percent annually through 2014, and ABI Research predicts a market of close to 70 million MIDs shipped by 2012. “The MID market is in rapid evolution, from some initial devices by market leaders to what we anticipate will be a rapid expansion of market size and micro segments in 2009 and 2010,” said Philip Solis, Principal Analyst at ABI Research. “One of the keys to fueling that growth will be the availability of component solutions that enable OEMs and ODMs to rapidly develop new devices.”

The SlimChip Embedded Modules are application processor (AP) agnostic, meaning that these fully-integrated “wireless engines” can efficiently interface with a variety of APs, resulting in maximum power efficiency and throughput. To accelerate customer evaluations and product development, the compact SlimChip Module has been pre-integrated with the Texas Instruments OMAP34x processor-based development platform, as well as the telephony software for the Android mobile platform.

The SlimChip Half-Mini PCIe Module is believed to be the only HSPA Half-Mini PCIe module available in the market and uses the standard PCIe interface enabling simple connectivity for laptops, notebooks and ultra-mobile PCs (UMPCs). The MID module supports popular interfaces for direct connection to application processors. Additionally, all the support software, applications, and interfaces for Windows XP/Vista, Windows Mobile and Linux operating systems are included for quick time to market.

InterDigital will demonstrate the SlimChip Embedded Modules, along with its Baseband ICs, Mobile Reference Platforms, and Modem IP, on a live HSPA network and display its SlimChip during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, February 16-19. In addition, InterDigital will demonstrate its Media Independent Handover middleware, enabling uninterrupted data streaming when switching between 3G and WiFi networks. Continuing the company’s legacy in shaping the future of wireless, InterDigital will preview some of its advanced technology initiatives in LTE and beyond, collaborative communications, seamless connectivity, and wireless security.

About InterDigital
InterDigital® designs, develops and provides advanced wireless technologies and products that drive voice and data communications. InterDigital is a leading contributor to the global wireless standards and holds a strong portfolio of patented technologies which it licenses to manufacturers of 2G, 2.5G, 3G, and 802 products worldwide. Additionally, the company offers a family of SlimChip[tm] high performance mobile broadband modem solutions, consisting of Baseband ICs, Embedded Modules, Modem IP and Reference Platforms. InterDigital’s differentiated technology and product solutions deliver time-to-market, performance and cost benefits.

InterDigital is a registered trademark and SlimChip is a trademark of InterDigital, Inc.