Unified Automation, ascolab, TenAsys Team on OPC UA for INtime

TenAsys Corporation, a leading provider of real-time OS and virtualization software technology, announces their technology partnership with Unified Automation of Schwabach, Germany, and ascolab GmbH of Erlangen, Germany, for application of the OPC standard Unified Architecture (OPC UA) SDK to the TenAsys INtime RTOS. The collaboration allows the OPC UA communication stack to be implemented directly on the INtime RTOS, allowing, for the first time, OPC data services to be tightly coupled with real-time control applications.

OPC UA on INtime will eliminate the fundamental limitation of traditional OPC systems, namely that they are restricted to non-deterministic Windows platforms using only a COM/DCOM communication interface.

The need for Windows-based OPC servers is reduced because developers can now integrate the OPC server directly into the embedded node, significantly reducing the cost and complexity of OPC systems and simultaneously improving their reliability.

About TenAsys
Real-time virtualization expert TenAsys Corporation specializes in operating software for the embedded computer industry. Their products are designed and optimized for use on Intel® x86 platforms using Microsoft® Windows® and the Visual Studio® development environment.

About Unified Automation
As a leading OPC UA technology provider, Unified Automation offers products and services in the field of standardized communication for the automation industry and beyond. Based on OPC Unified Architecture technology, Unified Automation products offer a cross-platform OPC UA software development framework to enable vertical information integration for application providers, from embedded device manufacturers up to enterprise application developers.

About ascolab
ascolab GmbH, is an independent consulting and development company focused primarily on the OPC open communication interface. As a key contributor to the OPC UA standard process since 2003, ascolab designs and implements complex communication solutions. The company also advises and assists in the area of server and client-side software development, including software certification.

About OPC UA
The OPC Foundation defines standards for online data exchange between automation systems. They address access to current data (OPC DA), alarms and events (OPC A&E) and historical data (OPC HDA).