CWAV Releases USBee Suite Logic Analyzer, Oscilloscope Software

CWAV, Inc., a Southern California-based electronics company, announced the release of the USBee Suite, an enhanced Logic Analyzer and Oscilloscope software application that runs on the complete line of USBee Test Pods. The USBee Suite is a powerful electronic signal capture and analysis application that turns the USBee Test Pods into a state-of-the-art logic analyzer and oscilloscope with enhanced serial bus decoding and world class configurability. It includes in-line graphical bus decoding, automatic measurements of waveform data, graphical bus setup and enhanced importing and exporting capability.

“Engineers need tools that help them find their electronic problems quickly,” says Tim Harvey, President of CWAV, Inc. “We designed the USBee Suite so that setup and data capture is lightning fast and deciphering of electronic communication is a breeze. It brings world class debugging features wrapped in a beautiful package to every USBee user.”

The USBee Suite captures hundreds of millions of samples at up to 24 million samples per second and lets users go directly to the section of data they want using the scroll wheel Quick Zoom or the Overview bar. Both features let engineers rip through millions of samples or hone in on a specific section. Users can see an electronic design in action with just one click using the simplified trigger settings, color coded signals and automatic buffer and sample rate settings.

Measuring electronic signal timing is done using the edge snapping timing cursors or the Insta-Measure feature that instantly calculates the width, period, frequency and duty cycle of the waveform under the cursor. The USBee Suite also allows users to add, delete, resize and reorder waves on the screen. They can also change screen colors to suit their display. Waveform backgrounds can be customized, and the entire application can take on a transparent glassy look.

The USBee Suite has decoding support for today’s favorite serial busses such as I2C, SPI, Async, 1-Wire, CAN and USB. Bus traffic is decoded in-line with the waveforms and can be displayed on top of, underneath, or instead of the voltage versus time waveform. Placing the cursor over the decoded traffic gives a see-through image that shows the voltage transitions that made that byte. Available busses depends on the model of USBee used.

Free download of the USBee Suite is available at and runs in demo mode without a USBee attached to the computer. It runs on any existing USBee SX, USBee ZX, USBee AX-Standard, USBee AX-Plus, USBee AX-Pro, or USBee DX Test Pod. Current owners of the USBee Test Pods can upgrade for free simply by downloading and installing the USBee Suite.

The USBee SX, priced at $139, delivers the essential combination of price, performance and features that makes it ideal for use by students and hobbyists. The USBee AX, starting at $545, adds analog capability. The USBee DX, priced at $1495, includes the PacketPresenter protocol decoder and hosts sixteen digital and two analog channels. All prices are in US Dollars and the entire USBee product line is designed and manufactured in the USA.

About CWAV, Inc.
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