MAZeT Unveils JENCOLOR MTI04E, MTI08 Transimpedance Amplifiers

MAZeT GmbH is introducing two new multi-channel programmable gain transimpedance amplifiers at this year’s electronica: the MTI04E and the MTI08. The new JENCOLOR signal amplifiers complement the existing MTI ICs to address a number of additional applications. The circuits are generally designed for processing signals from sensors with multiple current outputs. The increased sensitivity and wider dynamic range of the amplifiers means they can be used with photodiodes in array or row sensors – such as the JENCOLOR color sensors – that operate in low-light environments or environments with extreme intensity/color changes. The MTI circuits are ROHS-compliant and are supplied in SMD housings optimized for COB assembly.

MAZeT JENCOLOR MTI04 multi-channel programmable gain transimpedance amplifierThe MTI04E’s functions and pin assignments are fully compatible with the existing MTI04CS/CQ signal amplifier. The main difference is that only three functional channels are integrated on the chip; this permits signal processing for tri-color sensors (incl. reference diode) within a single module. The fourth channel is reserved as a reference channel for the sensor system’s temperature compensation. It is separated internally from the programmable amplifiers.

All the other functions correspond to those of the MTI04C. The ability to set the transimpedance to eight different levels offers the customer added scope to make adjustments in accordance with the application requirements. The amplifier is programmed via three inputs, with the programming effective for all channels at the same time. The lowest current range is 25 nA. The ability to convert photo currents up to the single-digit nA range makes this transimpedance amplifier ideal for even the smallest sensor signals.

When several photodiodes are to be switched on, the compensation of the transimpedance amplifiers can be adjusted digitally in two stages (5pF and 80 pF) to the input capacitance of the photodiodes.

The integrated power-down mode allows the amplifier to switch to a power-saving operating mode. When the IC is temporarily not required, the zero-signal current consumption can be reduced to 8 µA. The operating temperature range is -40°C to +125°C. These characteristics open up new applications for the signal amplifier, such as in battery-powered measuring and checking devices.

The second amplifier, the MTI08, provides eight programmable channels. In contrast to the existing MTI ICs, each channel can be configured individually with eight amplification levels ranging from 200 kOhm to 25.6 MOhm. The lowest photo current is 20 nA at a signal frequency of 19 kHz. The MTI08 provides an MUX on the output and operates at a voltage of 3…5 V with power-down mode.

About MAZeT
MAZeT GmbH is a leading European development and production service provider. The company, founded in 1992 with headquarters in Jena, develops, manufactures and delivers customer-specific electronic modular units, software and ASICs, and markets its own products under the name JENCOLOR[TM] worldwide. Due to its broad technological offerings and application know-how, MAZeT GmbH is a dependable and proven service partner for made-to-measure, customer-specific solutions in the areas of industrial electronics and optical sensors. The company’s development competence and the components produced by it for special uses can be found in the whole area of industrial measurement technology, control engineering, automation and medical areas, among others.