SensorDynamics Unveils SD400 Sensor Interfaces with Microcontroller

SensorDynamics announced the launch of SD400, a single chip sensor interface family with several options to be optimized to the final application in a fast and cost-effective way. The SD400 family offers a set of analog blocks for interfacing with a comprehensive range of sensors with various working principles to be used in different challenging and safety relevant applications. SD400 combines the flexibility of free programmable standard interface products with the advantages of an optimized custom specific solution.

For fast prototyping, a tool kit is offered allowing sensor interface configuration and firmware development. Special SD400 versions with EEPROM enable customer’s firmware design. In the final customized product the EEPROM is replaced by metal-mask ROM for cost minimization and highest reliability.

Two versions out of the SD400 family are available and can be adapted to customer’s needs.

First version has a specialized Eddy current interface, designed for contactless displacement measurement. Besides the interface chip, only a sensing coil plus a few passive components are needed for the application circuit. A metal target facing the coil completes the distance measuring system which is best suited to work under harsh environments.

Second version provides two differential analog input channels. Wheatstone bridge type sensors as thermocouples, AMR-, GMR-, piezoresistive pressure-, water flow- and strain gauge sensors can be adapted easily to the interface chip as well as single-ended sensors.

Typical applications:

  • Position sensing in automotive applications based on Eddy current or AMR/GMR principle like clutch-, brake-and accelerator-pedals, gear shifters and suspension control.
  • Position sensing under harsh environment up to 150 Degree Celsius like in valves, transmission- and transfer-cases based on Eddy current principle.

Fail-safe and further Features
SensorDynamics has recognized the critical market need for AEC-Q100 certified sensor interfaces including monitoring circuitries that make them absolutely fail-safe. All design solutions involved in achieving fail-safe are in accordance with IEC 61508 and upcoming ISO 26262 recommendations and a result of thorough FMEAs (Failure Mode Effect Analysis).

Availability and Price
SD400 and development tool kit are available now. The kit includes an evaluation board, ASM/C code compiler, drivers, basic C code examples, user manual and a programming GUI for easy ASIC configuration. Pricing for the kit is US $750.

More info: SensorDynamics