SMH Technologies Develops MicroPlexer Signal Multiplexer

SMH Technologies announces the development of a signal multiplexer for device in-system programming (MicroPlexer). Microplexer allows the ISP connection coming from the programmer/tester to be switched to one of the available output channels. In this way, a single programmer/tester can easily handle multiple device programming, whether on a single board or distributed across multiple boards in a panel assembly.

MicroPlexer is designed for the typical scenario in which a multi-PCB panel needs to be in-system programmed, saving the costs and hassles of designing and building an in-house, ad-hoc solution.

The MicroPlexer main features are:

  • Switching of 160 signals
  • Easy integration with all ATE systems
  • Multiplexing through FET and Reed relay
  • Controllable by a host PC or ATE through RS-232 or parallel control lines
  • Compact size

MicroPlexer is controlled via either ASCII-based commands (through its RS-232 channel) or via control lines. ASCII commands allow for selecting the output channel or to disconnect all of the output channels.

MicroPlexer will be available in early Q2 2009.

About SMH Technologies
SMH Technologies is a global, independent, high-tech company, leader in Silicon Device In-System Programming and services for the Manufacturing Industry. The company’s patented FlashRunner technology is widely used by OEM/ODM/EMS and kept-up worldwide by SSA, the SofTec Support Alliance network. Major Silicon Device Manufacturers and ATE Producers trust SMH Technologies and FlashRunner technology.