Embedded-Code.com Updates Monochrome Graphic Screen Driver

Embedded-Code.com has announced the release of a significant update to its low cost monochrome (single colour) graphic screen driver. The driver is a very popular choice for embedded product designers faced with the task of creating a bespoke user interface on their products graphic display. The new release of the driver features the ability to place text and graphic bitmap images anywhere on a screen without having to worry about inherent 8 bit size multiples and boundaries of these types of displays.

Improved text display features now include monospace or proportional text display with left, centre or right alignment and automatic scrolling options. The PC Bitmap Converter Application supplied with the source code driver has also been improved and allows users to convert their bitmaps, created with a standard graphics application, ready for use with the driver with the option to export the graphics as a C header file for really easy inclusion within their program memory.

Designed for use with 8, 16 and 32 bit microcontrollers and processors, the driver removes the need for embedded designers to use LCD, E Ink, LED, OLED and Vacuum Fluorescent displays in pre-defined ways, instead allowing user interfaces to be designed exactly as required, down to the individual pixel. As with all embedded-code.com drivers, customers only pay a low one time purchase cost and may then use the source code in as many of their products as they wish for life.

Full details of the driver can be found at www.embedded-code.com/product_info.php?products_id=28

About Embedded-Code.com
Embedded-Code.com is devoted to the production of high quality and easy to use source code to make the lives of embedded developers easier. The company was born out of the frustration of not being able to find inexpensive yet high quality and easy to use embedded source code on the web and it still proudly stands by its claim to provide the best written source code you can get. Embedded developers are a special breed of programmer that often need to be able to quickly and simply modify the source code tools they use and no other company allows them to be able to do this with the same level of simplicity and ease. Established in July 2006, Embedded-Code.com is a division of IBEX UK Limited.