Nu Horizons Introduces PCI Express Summit

Nu Horizons Electronics Corp. (NASDAQ: NUHC); a leading global distributor of advanced technology semiconductor, display, illumination, power and system solutions; announces a full day educational summit designed to provide attendees with information about key PCI Express products. The day long event will take place in six cities in the US and Canada, and is comprised of technical presentations and demonstrations from a variety of Nu Horizons’ leading manufacturers of PCI Express products.

Presenters from Gennum, IDT, Linear Technology, Pericom and Xilinx will provide product overviews from a variety of devices including: FPGAs, PCIe Switches, Power, Timing Products and Endpoint Controllers. Additionally, topics of discussion will include signal integrity, PCIe topology, design considerations, circuit simulators and other software tools. Demonstrations will also be available highlighting the various technologies at work.

Presentation topics include:

Gennum – PCI Express Implementation – Interfacing and Extending
Gennum will present the issues, options, and possibilities for implementing PCI Express in embedded systems. Such topics as performance optimization, power dissipation, software architecture, IP, initialization pitfalls, and strategies for on-the-fly configuration of FPGA devices will be explored. Also, signal integrity of the PCI Express physical layer and how to extend its reach will be discussed.

IDT – PCI Express Switches – Usage Models and Design Considerations
IDT will present a tutorial on the latest PCIe solutions for demanding server, storage, communications, and embedded applications. Additionally, they will provide an overview of PCI Express, focusing on the overall topology, design considerations, and PCIe Gen2 specific issues. Usage models and switch application scenarios will be provided along with detailed clocking requirements and performance considerations for PCIe switches.

Linear Technology – Real World Hardware Design Examples & Guidelines for Power Distribution Networks used for PCI Express Systems
This interactive session will present Linear’s key products and tools to help design a PCI Express system, including information on Hot Swap Controllers, Design Notes from Factory Application Engineers, and new solutions for powering high speed SERDES RocketIO[tm] Transceivers. In addition, attendees will learn about LTspice IV, a powerful FREE circuit simulator and schematic capture program, providing macro models for most of Linear Technology’s switch-mode DC/DC converters, op amps, comparators, linear regulators as well as a library of devices for general analog circuit simulation.

Pericom – PCIe Gen1, Gen2 and Gen3
Pericom will present its PCIe Gen1, Gen2, and Gen3 capabilities, including: PCIe Timing Products, PCIe Packet Switches, PCIe Bridges to PCI, PCI-X, UART, and

USB2.0, PCIe Signal Switch (PHY layer switch) family, and PCIe Signal Integrity ReDriver[TM] family.

Xilinx – Implement PCI Express (Gen 1 and Gen 2) in FPGAs
This presentation covers PCI Express protocols (gen1 and gen2), their key concepts and interoperability. Attendees will learn how to create a PCIe design using Xilinx IP tools and see a demonstration for PCIe gen 2. Example applications and use models with multiple end points are presented.

Nu Horizons PCI Express Summit will take place in six North American cities between February 3rd and March 10th, 2009. For more information, including dates, locations and online registration, please visit:

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