Embedded Alley Announces Smart Design Webinars for Developers

Embedded Alley, a leading provider of embedded Linux® solutions, announced the first in a series of “Smart Design” on-line seminars to help developers tackle tough challenges in building intelligent devices with Linux. The debut is slated for February 17, 2009; together with Freescale Semiconductor, Embedded Alley will present “Smart Storage Choices for Intelligent Devices.” The joint webinar will target software/hardware integration and optimization of embedded Linux, Freescale i.MX-family application processors, and flash memory storage.

Selection of flash technology is usually made at the hardware level, focusing exclusively on criteria like cost per megabyte and raw data transfer rates. Afterwards, system software engineers must decide how to partition flash to enable OSes boot and program to load and run, while also using that same flash memory for data storage. Often, embedded Linux developers find themselves lacking key knowledge of underlying flash memory, how application behavior impacts flash performance, and vice-versa.

The joint webinar will help developers take the guesswork out of flash design and integration with application processors like the Freescale i.MX family. Presenters from both companies will cover flash hardware and software technologies, SoC-based system design and offer insight into techniques like Application Modeling. A key take-away will include heuristics for determining whether flash hardware and file systems meet product requirements for performance, Bill of Materials cost, and fielded device longevity.

“Today, flash memory technology is ubiquitous but not well understood,” noted Matt Porter, Embedded Alley chief architect. “End-users rely on embedded flash memory in a wide range of multimedia devices and other applications. Developers cannot afford to take performance and longevity for granted if they want to meet user and market needs.”

On-going Webinar Series
Embedded Alley will be offering additional webinars throughout 2009 on topics ranging from software-hardware co-design for consumer electronics devices, to product test and quality assurance. “Embedded Alley consulting practices and expertise bring us into engagements at all stages of product design and development,” commented Pete Popov, Embedded Alley CEO. “In the Smart Design webinar series, we and our partners will share hard-won insights about real-world product development, and provide actionable technical and business intelligence.”

Registration, Dates and Times
Presenting from Embedded Alley will be chief architect Matt Porter, and from Freescale Semincondutor, Kathleen Jachimiak. i.MX product marketing manager Bill Weinberg, principal analyst at LinuxPundit.com will moderate the webinar, broadcast live on February 17, 2009 starting at 7:00 AM PST.

To register, visit embeddedalley.com/webinars

About Embedded Alley
Embedded Alley enables its customers to develop and deliver winning products by bridging the gap between open source and commercial software, providing Linux, middleware and expertise to OEMs building a broad range of mobile and embedded devices and communications infrastructure equipment. Founded in 2004, Embedded Alley is headquartered in San Jose, California, with operations worldwide.

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