Xtaless Introduces Moisture-Sensitivity-Free ClockChip

The Xtaless Technology company announced the world’s first moisture-sensitivity-free, most accurate, monolithic, all-CMOS frequency generators, utilizing the company’s patented Xtaless ClockChip technology. Today all the competitors of CMOS LC resonator manufacturers have the serious technical bottleneck problem, which is never released to the customers. The CMOS LC resonator has the serious humidity/moisture sensitivity problem. The CMOS LC resonator has to use the ceramic package to walk around the short-term moisture sensitivity problem. The high-cost ceramic package eats all the profit margin. Furthermore, the CMOS LC resonator can not be IP due to the humidity/moisture densitivity problem. You never expect what kind of package the customer SOC will use.

The Xtaless ClockChip is very important for today’s high frequency and super-thin portable products such as the cellular phone, iPOD, etc. Xtaless Technology ushers in a new era in frequency generation because it achieves Moisture-Sensitivity-Free accuracy levels that are unprecedented with CMOS-only oscillators. The accuracy offered by the Xtaless ClockChip even superior to the performance requirements of today’s common high-speed interface links – a large market currently served exclusively by quartz crystals. The Xtaless Technology allows today’s mainstream electronics to finally get rid of the Moisture-Sensitive CMOS oscillator and a quartz-based resonator to achieve the highest levels of integration. For a design engineer, the obvious benefits of Xtaless ClockChip are lower BOM costs, smaller and thinner end products, and improved reliability. Built on standard CMOS process, the technology benefits from a well established manufacturing infrastructure, and shortens order lead times to best respond to the fluctuating demands of the consumer electronics market.

Moisture-Sensitivity-Free frequency references and oscillators are essential components for a broad range of applications. Xtaless Technology’ Xtaless ClockChip is an innovative and compelling technology with significant market potential. It fits perfectly with the timing industry’s continued drive toward more integrated and smaller and chip plastic package solutions.”

The Xtaless Technology Xtaless ClockChip removes the size, frequency and reliability limitations of quartz and Humidity-Sensitive CMOS LC resonator – all of which are significant bottlenecks in electronics design today, The widely used and deeply entrenched product such as quartz will be replaced by an even more ubiquitous, proven and successful technology such as standard CMOS. Our Xtaless Technology is the result of this conviction, and 20 years of intensive development work.

Xtaless Technology’ first announced product to use Xtaless technology is the Xtaless ClockChip XLC100, a fully integrated Clock Generator IC. The device replaces a quartz crystal and a PLL timing IC, and offers a compelling, single chip solution in today’s electronic products. The Xtaless ClockChip XLC100 device is offered in a variety of output frequencies profiles, even GHz high frequencies.

About Xtaless Technology
Xtaless Technology is an innovator in Moisture-Sensitivity-Free precision timing ICs, and is the first company to implement Moisture-Sensitivity-Free highly accurate timing generators entirely in standard CMOS. This is a significant technical breakthrough in timing generation, which up to now was served by quartz crystals and crystal oscillators. Xtaless Technology’ patented Xtaless ClockChip is produced on a single piece of silicon and offers system designers a frequency reference with excellent phase noise and jitter performance. In addition to size and reliability advantages over quartz crystals, Xtaless ClockChip also significantly shortens the manufacturing cycle time to best respond to fluctuating demands of the consumer electronics market. Xtaless Technology is funded by leading founder. Its headquarters are located at 1367 Glenmoor Way, San Jose CA 95129; (408) 504-7530.