Altos Launches Pal O’ Altos Partner Program

Altos Design Automation Inc. announced the formation of its Pal O’ Altos partnership program and three charter partners. The charter partners are Extreme DA (Santa Clara, California); PDF Solutions (San Jose, California); and Tela Innovations (Campbell, California). Altos is exhibiting in booth # 206 at the EDA Fair at Pacifico Yokohama, Japan, which runs from Thursday, January 22 – Friday, January 23.

The program’s purpose: to combine the Altos ultra-fast characterization technology with partners’ technology solutions to improve yield and power reduction. Each partner will cross reference with Altos, and collaborate to ensure that their yield improvement and low power solutions are efficiently supported with all the pre-requisite cell views.

“Detailed characterization of variations in the cell libraries used by designers is essential for accurate statistical timing analysis,” said Ruben Molina, director of Technical Marketing, Extreme DA. “Our collaboration with Altos ensures designers have a powerful and verified statistical flow, with Extreme DA GoldTime, that can improve IC performance and remove design pessimism. With our joint flow, we are satisfying semiconductor companies’ demands for faster, more accurate timing closure and higher chip yields.”

Kimon Michaels, vice president, Design for Manufacturability at PDF Solutions said, “Using a statistically-enhanced design flow will enable our customers to improve yield and reduce power. Working jointly with Altos and a common customer, we have been able to validate Altos’ cell level timing models created using PDF Solutions’ statistical SPICE models. We validated statistical static timing analysis (SSTA) results with our highly-accurate Characterization Vehicle® (CV®) silicon measurements. The combination of PDF Solutions and Altos enable our customers to more quickly and accurately evaluate and characterize their cell library. The speed and ease of Altos software is a critical part to this process.”

Neal Carney, vice president of Marketing at Tela Innovations, said, “The Altos Liberatetm cell characterization tool will enable us to rapidly generate data for key performance parameters in support of our customers evaluation of Tela’s one dimensional, on grid layouts. Our collaboration with Altos will benefit our mutual customers with accurate models for timing, noise and power for Tela style standard cell layouts in nanometer process technologies.”

Jim McCanny, Altos CEO and founder said, “We created the Pal O’ Altos program to enable our partners to leverage our Liberatetm and Varietytm ultra-fast characterization solutions as a key component of their solution. Whether it is the creation of a statistically aware design flow, optimizing for lower power or improving yield, we believe fast and automatic characterization plays a vital role in addressing many of the key challenges that arise at 40nm, 32nm and below.”

The Pal O’ Altos partnership technology is available now through Altos. For more information, contact Jim McCanny at or 408-980-8056 x103.

About Altos
Altos Design Automation provides ultra-fast, fully-automated characterization technology for the creation of library views for timing, signal integrity and power analysis and optimization. Altos advanced modeling solutions are used by both corner-based and statistical-based design implementation flows to reduce time to market and improve yield. Privately held, Altos was founded in 2005 in Santa Clara, CA. Its corporate headquarters is at 4020 Moorpark Ave., Suite 100, San Jose, CA 95117. Telephone: (408) 980-8056.

Characterization Vehicle, CV, and PDF Solutions, are registered trademarks of PDF Solutions, Inc. Liberate and Variety are trademarks of Altos Design Automation, Inc. Goldtime is a trademark of Extreme DA, Inc.