ASSET InterTech Introduces ScanWorks for Embedded Boundary Scan

The new ScanWorks® for Embedded Boundary Scan from ASSET® InterTech, the leading supplier of open tools for embedded instrumentation, can be easily embedded in high-availability systems where it can apply system-level JTAG (SJTAG) test, diagnostic and programming algorithms. Typically, the ScanWorks for Embedded Boundary Scan intellectual property (IP) will be embedded in systems where any ScanWorks functionality can be initiated locally or remotely to meet installation, commissioning and field service requirements.

ScanWorks for Embedded Boundary Scan executes routines that conform to the IEEE 1149.1 Boundary Scan (JTAG) standard and the IEEE 1149.6 standard for testing high-speed AC-coupled interconnects on circuit boards.

“Historically, boundary scan has been implemented on the manufacturing floor to structurally test circuit boards via external testers,” said Alan Sguigna, vice president of sales and marketing for ASSET. “Some system designers, needing extremely high reliability, have undertaken costly internal development efforts to embed boundary scan in their hardware. Now, designers can deploy our embeddable ScanWorks IP as an off-the-shelf solution at much less cost than developing and maintaining their own.”

With ScanWorks for Embedded Boundary Scan, system providers can offer unparalleled control of operations, administration and maintenance of their systems installed in the field. High-availability, fault-tolerant systems, such as those in telecom, high-end computing and defense, can deploy ScanWorks for Embedded Boundary Scan and employ the JTAG infrastructure in their systems as a secondary maintenance bus for remote test, diagnostics and provisioning.

ASSET’s ScanWorks for Embedded Boundary Scan is the same IP found in ASSET’s industry-recognized Remote Instrumentation (RIC) Controller family, the first boundary-scan controllers to apply tests directly over the Internet.

Pricing and Availability
Available in first quarter 2009, pricing on ScanWorks for Embedded Boundary Scan IP starts at $40,000.

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