OneSpin Solutions Takes Formal Assertion Verification Mainstream

OneSpin Solutions, the EDA company known for the most comprehensive, production-proven formal functional verification solutions, announced it has mainstreamed comprehensive formal assertion-based verification (ABV) for SoC, ASIC and FPGA designs by delivering a structured, step-by-step approach to its use and adoption. This approach is enabled by five interoperable products in a new, integrated 360® MV product family designed for formal verification novices, experienced users, and experts. Entry and exit points at six application levels let companies best meet their verification needs, and help new users become productive in days. OneSpin also announced a new proof-based debugger for complex SystemVerilog Assertions (SVAs). In contrast to the manual effort required in other formal tools, it automatically locates the root-cause that makes an assertion fail, addressing a critical productivity issue in the use of complex assertions. The new tools will be shown for the first time in OneSpin’s Booth #507 at EDSFair 2009, Jan. 22-23, 2009 at the Pacifico Yokohama Conference Center in Kanagawa, Japan. OneSpin also will demonstrate them in Booth #502 at DVCon, Feb. 24-25, 2009 at the DoubleTree Hotel, San Jose, Calif.

OneSpin’s comprehensive 360 MV product family supports three levels of “standard” formal ABV and the three levels of OneSpin’s enhanced ABV methodology based on design operations. It complements simulation-based verification and requires up to 5X less verification effort than thorough module/subsystem testbenches.

Peter Feist, president and CEO of OneSpin, said, “Until now, comprehensive formal ABV has been beyond the reach of all but small teams of formal verification experts. We are bringing it to the mainstream. Our practical, step-by-step approach lets companies step in and out at whatever level is right for their expertise and project needs. It helps them achieve unprecedented productivity and verification quality.”

The 360 MV family’s entry/exit levels span the broadest formal verification spectrum – from autochecks for early, fast code cleanup, through GapFreeVerification[tm] that ensures the highest possible verification quality. Each successive family member incorporates the features and benefits of the preceding members, adding new features and benefits that enable additional application levels. The integrated 360 MV product family includes five members, each of which extends the previous members with additional capabilities:

  • 360 MV Inspect[tm] for autochecks – Lets designers detect RTL errors as soon as first code is available, reducing subsequent debugging effort. It verifies thousands of checks in minutes, and requires no formal verification experience or knowledge of assertion languages.
  • 360 MV Check[tm] for verifying implementation intent – Using assertions that capture micro-architecture or implementation aspects, designers find implementation bugs weeks or months before testbenches are available, improving bring-up quality and reducing subsequent debugging effort.
  • 360 MV Verify[tm] for verifying functional requirements and design operations – Finds deep, complex errors far more efficiently than simulation or other formal tools, with the market’s highest capacity and performance, and unique systematic verification of design operations. It also deploys the new automated proof-based debugger, providing automatic error localization for complex SVAs. 360 MV Verify reduces or even eliminates the need for high-coverage module/subsystem testbenches and serves as the entry point for OneSpin’s unique, operation-based formal ABV.
  • 360 MV Assure[tm] for verifying with automatic gap detection – Enhances systematic verification of design operations with automatic identification of yet unverified input scenarios. A debug and diagnosis environment guides users to develop SystemVerilog assertions to close these verification gaps, assuring thorough specification/implementation co-verification.
  • 360 MV Certify[tm] for gap-free verification – OneSpin’s flagship product delivers verification quality that cannot be ensured by any other verification approach today. It implements OneSpin’s GapFreeVerification[tm] closed-loop process that integrates verification planning, verification execution and automatic gap detection to achieve the highest possible verification quality. 360 MV Certify guides the development of a gap-free set of SystemVerilog assertions to build a specification-compliant reference model of the design’s full functionality, and proves that the RTL code is functionally equivalent to this reference model.

Download the OneSpin 360 MV Product Family datasheet for more information:

Availability and Pricing
All products and features are available immediately. Product list prices are $20K for 360 MV Inspect, $72K for 360 MV Check, $120K for 360 MV Verify, $140K for 360 MV Assure, and $180K for 360 MV Certify.

About OneSpin Solutions
Electronic Design Automation (EDA) company OneSpin Solutions delivers innovative, highest capacity formal verification solutions for the mainstream that ease and speed functional verification of complex digital designs. Market-leading telecommunications, automotive, consumer electronics, and embedded systems companies rely on OneSpin’s award-winning products to achieve highest possible verification quality, while slashing verification effort. For further information please email

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