Berkeley Nucleonics Debuts Model 725 Multi-Trigger Digital Delay Generator

Berkeley Nucleonics, (San Rafael, CA), introduced the Model 725 Multi-Trigger Digital Delay Generator. The Model 725 addresses researcher’s and system integrator’s needs for extremely complex timing sequences. These timing requirements range from controls and diagnostics to signal quality monitoring and data acquisition. A wide range of signal filters, timing pulses, digital delay generation and cabling links can be accomplished with the Model 725. With its logic and timing capabilities, this is akin to a PLC (programmable logic controller) with precise timing.

Berkeley Nucleonics Model 725 Multi-Trigger Digital Delay GeneratorThe Model 725 coordinates, integrates and synchronizes complicated setups, simply, reliably and affordably. It features eight timing channels with programmable logic, unique timing modes and 10 ns edge resolution. Up to 8 Trigger Inputs can be logic signals, switches, transducers, interlocks, sensors, computer commands and gauges. The Model 725 can be programmed and controlled easily via Labview or Windows. It contains sophisticated logic, gating and filtering which enable up to eight channels/instrument with independent inputs, outputs and clocks/timers.

“The Model 725 greatly simplifies the complex, time-consuming setup requirements for basic research in many fields”, comments John Yee, Applications Engineer. “Our broad range of pulse and delay generators continues to expand to meet the ever-changing needs of the research, process control and manufacturing community.”

The Model 725 Multi-Trigger Digital Delay Generator ships with timerPRO software, a virtual instrumentation package that enables the user to customize and save complex setup parameters on any Windows-Based computer. timerPRO is a convenient utility for configuring a suite of single channel and multi-channel operating modes. The graphical interface to timerPRO allows users to address a more complex suite of channel-to-channel relationships. Berkeley Nucleonics, founded in 1963, offers Pulse, Delay and Arb/Function Generators. The company also provides a range of nuclear radiation detection products for health physics and homeland security. The company has an inside sales team and independent representatives through the United States and in international locations.