SDR Forum Issues Call for Papers

The SDR Forum, a non-profit international industry association dedicated to promoting the success of next generation radio technology, has announced it is accepting abstracts and proposals for its annual technical conference and product exposition, SDR’09. SDR’09 will be held 1-4 December 2009, in Washington, D.C. Last year’s event, also held in Washington, D.C., attracted more than 400 attendees from 27 countries, representing all aspects of the reconfigurable radio value chain, from research through deployment. This year, SDR’09 will feature more than 40 exhibitors, as well as four full days of presentations, workshops and tutorials/demonstrations.

Abstracts and proposals are being solicited in three areas: papers, tutorials/workshops and demonstrations. Papers are in three general categories: technical, markets and regulatory/policy. Technical papers should provide a perspective on the current state of the art in reconfigurable radio technology and the practical commercialization of these technologies, future trends or technology innovations. Markets papers should provide a multi-disciplinary analysis of roadmaps, opportunities and constraints inherent in manufacturing and deploying software defined and cognitive radio systems to include business models, business strategies, and globalization. Regulatory/policy papers should also provide a multidisciplined analysis of regulatory frameworks and their impact on business models, differences in regional regulatory policy and harmonization efforts. Demonstrations will enable our member companies to demonstrate advanced and innovative technologies relevant to software defined and cognitive radio systems.

For more information on specific paper topics and submission guidelines, go to

Abstract submissions for papers are due 20 March 2009, tutorial and workshop proposals are due 17 April 2009, and demonstration proposals are due 12 June 2009. Those interested in exhibiting should visit or contact Allan Margulies at

About the SDR Forum[tm]
Established in 1996, the SDR Forum[tm] is a non-profit international industry association with a 100+ strong membership comprised of world class technical, business and government organizations from EMEA, Asia and the Americas who are passionate about creating a revolution in wireless communications based on reconfigurable radio. The SDR Forum is the only organization in the world dedicated to serving the industry’s needs through advocacy, opportunity development, commercialization and education.