Berkeley Nucleonics Rolls Out Model 1201 Benchtop Multimeter

Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation (BNC) released a benchtop multimeter with 6.5 digit accuracy. The new Model 1201 uses a 7.5 digit design to enhance the performance of a 6.5 digit DMM. Users can now spend under $800.00 USD and receive a feature-filled DMM with 11 measurement and 8 math functions. Other important considerations are its noise immunity, USB with 2000 measurements and transfers/sec 10-channel scan option, temperature measurements for thermocouples and RTD’s and USBTMC compliancy.

Berkeley Nucleonics Model 1201 benchtop multimeter with 6.5 digit accuracyThe 6 1/2 digit 1201 DMM is designed with 7 1/2 digit techniques which provides more stability and accuracy over time. An established Bay Area company, Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation (BNC) enjoys a 45 year history providing quality test and measurement instrumentation. BNC is a leading manufacturer of precision instrumentation in both amplitude and time-domains, offering pulse generators that provide amplitude resolution of 10 ppm and amplitude stability of 5 ppm. Other generators provide delay and width resolution to 250 ps. BNC is launching a new family of products for 2009 which includes this benchtop digital multimeter.

BNC Model 1201 is able to be used in virtually every laboratory ranging from cell biology, microbiology, neuroscience, electronic engineering, manufacturing, circuit testing, quality control and test & repair departments. The Model 1201 is priced at $785.00 domestically.

More info: Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation (BNC)