Innovative Integration Announces X5-TX PCI Express XMC Module

Innovative Integration announces the X5-TX, an XMC I/O module featuring four channels of 500 MSPS, 16-bit DAC outputs driven by a Virtex5 FPGA computing core, DRAM and SRAM memory, and eight lane PCI Express host interface. The DAC devices support up-conversion and interpolation plus a mode providing two channels at a true 1 GSPS, 16-bit rate without interpolation.

Innovative Integration X5-TX PCI Express XMC ModuleA Xilinx Virtex5 SX95T or LX155T with 512 MB DDR2 DRAM and 4MB QDR-II memory provides a very high performance DSP core for demanding applications such RADAR and direct RF digitizing. The tight integration of analog IO, memory and fast host interface with the FPGA enables real-time signal processing at rates exceeding 300 GMAC/s.

Innovative’s X5-series XMC modules couple their powerful Velocia architecture with a high performance, 8-lane PCI Express interface that provides over 1 GB/s sustained transfer rates to the host. Private serial rapid I/O links to host cards achieving over 1.6 GB/s throughput over P16 are provided for system integration.

X5 cards can be fully customized using VHDL and MATLAB using the FrameWork Logic toolset. The supplied, full-featured MATLAB BSP supports real-time hardware-in-the-loop development using the graphical, block diagram Simulink environment with Xilinx System Generator.

IP logic cores are available for SDR applications that provide multi-channel modulations for PSK and FSK systems. These IP cores transform the X5-TX module into a versatile transmitter, ready for integration into your application.

Software tools for host development are provided free of charge and include C++ libraries and drivers for Windows and Linux. Application examples demonstrating the module features and use are provided, including streaming DAC samples from disk and real-time communication symbol generation. The X5-TX can be used with the Andale high speed data record/playback system for arbitrary waveform generation from recorded data at sustained rates up to 1000 MB/s.

This extremely versatile module is easily adapted for use in virtually any type of host system. Our XMC carrier adapters offer conduction and convection cooling and are available for a range of interfaces including Desktop PCI, Desktop PCI Express, Cabled PCI Express, CompactPCI, and PXI/PXI Express. This module may also readily be installed into Innovative Integration’s eInstrument Embedded PC, SBC-ComEx Single-Board Computer, and Andale Data Loggers.

About Innovative Integration
For more than 20 years, Innovative Integration Inc. has designed and manufactured FPGA-accelerated DSP products which have been successfully-deployed by thousands of commercial, industrial and military OEMcustomers. Innovative’s products feature cutting-edge peripherals, high-quality analog circuitry superior, full-featured embedded software toolsets for PCI, cPCI, PCI Express and stand-alone systems.