Elektrobit Debuts FlexRay Solution for Measurement, Cluster Emulation

EB introduces a solution for the compatibility measurement and the cluster emulation for controllers on the FlexRay bus that can be implemented directly in the EMC environment. The controller is linked via fiber optics with an opto-electrical converter to EB 6100 or EB 5100 hardware, outside the test environment.

“This functionality enables our customers to reliably test the electromagnetic compatibility of their controllers on the FlexRay bus in true conditions. The optical link allows a fast update of the EB 6100 and EB 5100 cluster emulation,” explains EB’s Product Manager Florian Wandling. Since the hardware for cluster emulation or test scenarios runs outside the EMC test stand, disturbing electromagnetic influences over long cables and the radiation of other hardware in the EMC environment are eliminated. The optical link can be up to 20 meters long which allows convenient working even in large EMC labs.

The EB 5100 is a FlexRay interface hardware based on the PMC card standard. Its comprehensive driver support allows its integration in nearly every system. The card is equipped with a highperformance microcontroller so that it can perform calculations that must be done in real-time directly onboard. The EB 61×0 is a compact FlexRay and CAN interface hardware in a robust automotive housing. Via an open programming interface on the PC, the EB 61×0 is optimally suited for the user to generate his own software.

EB, Elektrobit Corporation
EB creates advanced technology and turns it into enriching end-user experiences. EB is specialised in demanding embedded software and hardware solutions for wireless and automotive industries. The net sales for the year 2007 totalled MEUR 144.3. Elektrobit Corporation is listed on OMX Nordic Exchange Helsinki.