EB Adds Software Features to Tresos Busmirror Cluster Emulation

EB equips its EB tresos® Busmirror cluster emulation with new software features. The software now supports CAN and direct digital signal input and output on the EB 5100 and EB 6100 hardware. Multiplexed FlexRay signals are now supported as well. With a new add-on, EB also provides car manufacturers with special packages for cluster emulation with the EB tresos® Busmirror. This add-on takes care of the tedious job of adding specifics that are unique to the respective OEM and thus saves precious time and lets the engineers focus on their tasks. The CAN support includes the transmitting and receiving of CAN messages directly through the driver interface or user-configured real-time capable modules, called Target User Modules (TUM), implemented directly on the hardware. In addition to the CAN-FlexRay transformation, the software can be controlled from the driver interface or the TUMs.

EB 5100 Interface Hardware Extended
EB 5100 is a FlexRay and CAN interface hardware based on the PMC card standard. Its comprehensive driver support allows its integration in nearly every system. The card is equipped with a high-performance microcontroller, so that it can perform calculations that must be done in real-time directly onboard.

As of immediately, the EB 5100 interface hardware is offered with three additional physical layer modules (OSI layer model): one module with a CAN high-speed transceiver, one module with a CAN fault-tolerant transceiver, and one module with six configurable digital input and output lines. The EB 6100 is a compact FlexRay and CAN interface hardware in a robust automotive housing. Due to an open programming interface on the PC, it is also optimally suited for users to generate their own software.

OEM-Specific Configuration
EB now supports car manufacturers and their specific FlexRay requirements with a new add-on: In the future, manufacturer-specific configurations for cluster emulation will be available, so that customers will no longer need to generate TUMs for network management, alive counters, Cycle Redundancy Check (CRC) calculations or fault simulations.

EB, Elektrobit Corporation
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