Jungo, Wisair Team on End-to-End Wireless USB Solution for CE Devices

Jungo, a leading provider of connectivity software solutions, and Wisair, a leading provider of single-chip based Wireless USB solutions, announced the availability of an end-to-end Wireless USB solution for Linux-based and embedded operating systems used in CE devices. By combining Jungo’s USBware[tm] protocol software stack with Wisair’s single chip based Wireless USB reference designs, the new offering enables OEMs to embed Wireless USB into non-Windows[tm] CE devices such as set-top boxes, TV sets, smart phones and DVRs. This means more options for consumers to connect external devices, including storage units, with a higher throughput delivered.

Jungo’s USBware[tm] offers a complete, high quality embedded Wireless USB software protocol stack with a small footprint that allows CE device OEMs to easily incorporate standard USB connectivity into their designs. USBware[tm] is already deployed by several Tier 1 hardware OEMs in the market and enables complete compatibility with legacy wired USB products.

Wisair’s WSR601 single chip CMOS (Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) enables Wireless USB connectivity with the best combination of performance, power consumption and cost. The chip, already in mass production, is incorporated in a variety of reference designs, such as the Wireless USB Adapter Set, which is offered by Cables Unlimited in the US and Olidata in Europe. The USB Adapter Set is available from leading retail channels including Amazon.com, Buy.com, TigerDirect.com, Staples.com, ebay.com, RitzCamera.com, WolfCamera.com, Fry’s Electronics and CompUSA.

“This combined solution will allow consumer device OEMs to implement Wireless USB functionality quickly and easily,” said Ophir Hebst, Jungo’s VP & GM Connectivity Software.

David Yaish, Wisair President and CEO, noted, “The versatility of Jungo’s software stack and the wide variety of supported operating systems, together with Wisair’s high performance single chip, enables Wireless USB connectivity to a whole new range of consumer devices and allows us to extend our offering to non-Windows based platforms.”

Jeff Ravencraft, President and Chairman of the USB Implementers Forum, said, “The cooperation of vendors from different specialties within the Wireless USB ecosystem represents a meaningful benefit to the USB community. This collaboration showcases the benefits of a standards based solution such as Wireless USB.”

The combined offering will be demonstrated at International CES 2009 (Las Vegas, January 8-11, 2009) in Wisair’s meeting room (LVCC, South Hall 4, #35162MP). Please contact CES09@wisair.com to schedule a meeting. Also, visit Jungo at the CES USB TechZone, located in LVCC, South hall 3 (upper level) booth number: 30368….

About Jungo
Jungo Ltd., an NDS Group company, is a provider of broadband home value-added service solutions. Jungo’s flagship products, OpenRG[tm] (residential gateway software platform) and OpenSMB[tm] (small and medium business gateway software platform) enable broadband operators to deliver managed revenue-generating services to the digital home. Jungo also offers extensive connectivity software solutions for USB and PCI, including WinDriver[tm], a driver development toolkit that enables developers to quickly create custom device drivers that can run on a multitude of operating systems without modification, and USBware[tm], a complete, high-quality embedded USB software protocol stack, that allows device manufacturers to incorporate standard USB OTG/Host/Device connectivity in their designs. To find out more about Jungo, please visit www.jungo.com.

About NDS
NDS Group plc (NASDAQ: NNDS), a majority owned subsidiary of News Corporation, supplies open end-to-end digital technology and services to pay-TV platform operators and content providers. See www.nds.com for more information about NDS.

About Wisair
Wisair is a fabless semiconductor company providing Ultra Wideband (UWB) and Wireless USB solutions based on its CMOS single chip. Recognized for their superior coverage and throughput, Wisair’s solutions offer the best combination of performance, price, and power consumption for Wireless USB. For more information, visit www.wisair.com

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