ZTEC Announces ZScope 2.0 PC Oscilloscope Software

ZTEC continues to drive the convergence of modular and benchtop digital oscilloscope capabilities and improve modular oscilloscope interfaces with the introduction of ZScope 2.0. ZTEC Instruments’ new ZScope 2.0 software runs on a PC and interfaces with ZTEC’s M-Class PCI, PXI, VXI, & LXI modular oscilloscopes. This includes the ZT4210 (300 MHz, 1 GS/s) and ZT4610 (1 GHz, 4 GS/s) series of oscilloscopes. With ZScope 2.0, users can control oscilloscopes during acquisition and load, view, zoom, and analyze previously saved waveforms while connected or disconnected to an instrument.

ZScope 2.0 controls oscilloscopes during acquisition and load, view, zoom, and analyzeThe same control and waveform computation features common to benchtop units are now available on modular oscilloscopes, thanks to ZScope 2.0. This enables users to take advantage of the benefits of modular oscilloscopes (smaller footprints, higher channel densities, lower cost, etc.) while still enjoying all the strengths of traditional digital oscilloscopes (ease of use, advanced acquisition and analysis, etc).

Ease-of-use and familiarity for benchtop scope users were the main goals when designing the new ZScope. Users will notice that, like benchtop scopes, ZScope 2.0 has dedicated ‘knobs’ for changing time per division, volts per division, position, and zoom settings. ZScope 2.0 also has buttons for starting and stopping the acquisition and for adjusting input settings, acquisition modes, triggering, waveform measurements, and more. With dedicated buttons, users don’t have to struggle to find the right menu when performing common scope tasks. In fact, nearly all functions in ZScope 2.0 can be accessed using no more than two mouse clicks.

ZScope 2.0 also enables users to control many of the scope’s functions using only a mouse. Waveform position, trigger level, and the location of the zoom window can be changed by clicking and dragging the left mouse button. The magnification of the zoom window can be decreased by clicking the right mouse button.

The large waveform display on ZScope 2.0 provides plenty of room to display multiple input waveforms, math waveforms, reference waveforms, waveform measurements, cursor values and more. All of this can be displayed while still providing responsive instrument control and fast screen updates.

ZScope 2.0 is also used for saving waveform data, instrument setup files and screen images to the PC.