IEI Introduces All-in-One AFL-4xxA Series Touch Panel PC

The integration of all household electronics and the ability to control them from a central location are the essential elements of a modern smart home. Household appliances and functions are being automated, allowing lighting, appliances, air-conditioning, security systems, monitoring systems, telephones, intercoms and anything with remote control capabilities to be centrally controlled. The AFL-4xxA series panel PC incorporates a user-friendly interface and the powerful features necessary for central control of an automated household or building.

The AFL-4xxA offers in-wall installation and a VESA mount for easy and complete installation in just minutes. Screen sizes range from 8″ to 15″ to fit the requirements of the application environment and interchangeable faceplates match any home color scheme. The AFL-4xxA incorporates an Intel® ATOM™ processor, delivering cool and quiet operation within the home, without compromising on performance.

The AFL-4xxA is ideal for multimedia-capable applications. The screen brightness adjusts automatically to changing ambient light conditions. The built-in CMOS camera, digital microphone and speakers are ideal for multimedia and video conferencing.

With both wired and wireless networking capabilities, the AFL-4xxA ensures uninterrupted networking, allowing real-time transmission of information. Wireless devices can connect through the Bluetooth interface, including PDAs, cellphones, headphones, keyboards and mice. Additionally, IEI’s AFL-4xxA also provides optional IR receiver to be applied in sensing whether or not a person is in the room. The AFL-4xxA accomplishes the controlling capability, as a main controlling center, to adjust the temperature, music and TV to an individual’s preferences.

About IEI Technology Corp.
IEI Technology Corp. is a leading industrial computer provider. IEI’s products are applied in computer-based applications such as factory automation, computer telephony integration, networking appliances, security, systems, POS systems and in fields like national defense, police administration, transportation, communication base stations and medical instruments. IEI continues to promote its own-brand products as well as serving ODM vertical markets to offer complete and professional service.