Synopsys, STMicroelectronics Team on 32nm Design Flow

Synopsys, Inc. (Nasdaq: SNPS), a world leader in software and IP for semiconductor design and manufacturing, announced early results of its 32-nanometer (nm)-centric joint collaboration with STMicroelectronics, a global leader in developing and delivering semiconductor solutions across the spectrum of microelectronics applications. The two companies have a close ongoing collaboration to establish all the necessary components for a successful 32-nm design flow, including STMicroelectronics’ leading-edge standard cell library for low power and high-performance design, and the support of the latest route rules in Synopsys’ IC Compiler Zroute technology. Zroute’s unique architecture and state-of-the-art routing algorithms are important to meeting the 32-nm technology requirements while delivering the best quality of results.

The collaboration makes STMicroelectronics the first company to pre- qualify and deliver state-of-the-art libraries internally for the high-k metal gate 32-nm low power International Semiconductor Development Alliance (ISDA) process, based on Synopsys’ IC Compiler. This has enabled STMicroelectronics to begin implementing a complex Digital Signal Processor (DSP) core test chip, which in turn will allow validation-in-silicon to be carried out on a complete set of low power solutions for the ISDA process in the second half of 2009.

“As a joint development partner of the ISDA, STMicroelectronics stays at the forefront of advanced process technology development,” said Philippe Magarshack, group vice president at STMicroelectronics’ Technology Research and Development (R&D). “Since early on, we have worked closely with Synopsys to enable the readiness of key components in our 32-nm design flow. Synopsys’ ability to quickly support the evolving 32-nm route rules in IC Compiler’s Zroute technology enabled us to validate our standard cell library routability and optimize it for the highest density. The availability of the first standard cell library is a key achievement towards 32-nm readiness.”

For library development, STMicroelectronics used the Synopsys Cadabra(R) product. For route rule development, the chosen vehicle was Zroute technology in Synopsys’ IC Compiler, developed from the ground up to address emerging design and design-for-manufacturing (DFM) challenges at advanced process nodes. Zroute’s unique architecture can support advanced design rules and at the same time meet aggressive performance targets. In addition, Zroute’s native multi- threading support takes advantage of the latest multi-core computing systems to deliver near-linear scalability of runtimes. For extraction and time analysis of the library, STMicroelectronics is using Synopsys’ Star-RCXTTM and PrimeTime(R) golden signoff tools.

“STMicroelectronics has been a long time, valued customer, actively collaborating in new technology development to help guide the direction of our products,” said Antun Domic, senior vice president and general manager of Synopsys’ Implementation Group. “The latest achievements in 32-nm design enablement are examples of our close collaboration bearing fruit. Zroute technology in IC Compiler provides a critical component at the right time to meet the needs of the 32-nm transition. We are committed to continuing our collaboration with STMicroelectronics towards the final objective of a production-ready environment for high-quality 32-nm design.”

About Synopsys
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