Mobius Photonics Receives Patent for Parallel Laser Processing

Mobius Photonics, Inc. has been awarded U.S. Patent #7,443,903, “Laser Apparatus Having Multiple Synchronous Amplifiers Tied to One Master Oscillator.” The architecture described offers a unique way to scale up average power for integration into high throughput machine tools without sacrificing reliability.

Conventional diode-pumped, solid-state lasers are incapable of the flexibility and scalability of the fiber-based architecture embodied in this patent. For customers in cost-sensitive applications, such as solar cell processing, PCB manufacturing, or display manufacturing, this approach enables high throughput with competitive cost of ownership.

Dr. Laura Smoliar, CEO of Mobius Photonics, Inc., said, “We are pleased that the United States Patent Office confirmed the novelty and utility of our design. This patent provides broad coverage for laser architectures utilizing a master oscillator seeding multiple parallel amplifiers and delivering multiple outputs.”

About Mobius Photonics
Founded in 2005, Mobius Photonics, Inc. is the leader in commercial fiber-based laser sources for the visible and UV. Mobius is made up of industry veterans who previously created two successful laser companies, a management team that combines in-depth understanding of customer needs with manufacturing experience, and a product development team that pushes the state of the art by working in close collaboration with suppliers and customers from around the world. Current products feature both fundamental (IR) and harmonically wavelength converted (green and UV) outputs. These products are based on a pulsed master-oscillator, fiber-power-amplifier (MOFPA) architecture. Applications for these laser sources include wafer singulation, material processing, semiconductor inspection and repair, via drilling, and medical therapy.