Liquavista, Seymourpowell Showcase ColorBright Electronics Concepts

Liquavista and Seymourpowell launched a series of new product concepts built on the Liquavista ColorBright display platform. Applied to watches and mobile phone secondary displays, the concepts clearly show how Liquavista’s differentiated display technology can be used to create a more engaging user experience. The high impact concepts are showcased online, along with Liquavista’s own designs for cycle computers, shower displays etc. The Seymourpowell watch features a full color, highly legible display that replaces the traditional black on grey LCD for maximum aesthetic, functional and fashion appeal. The mobile phone concept transforms the previously unused phone back into a dynamic graphic display triggered when the phone is used to play music or to take photos.

Liquavista’s ColorBright, based on its patented electrowetting technology, provides a unique combination of outstanding brightness in natural light and a vivid color range that offers new legibility and design freedom to creators of design-led electronic products.

“The combination of the design expertise of Seymourpowell and the innovative display technology of Liquavista ColorBright in these concepts demonstrate the possibilities for transforming everyday products,” commented Mark Gostick, Liquavista CEO. “This comes at a time when the increasingly challenging market environment is making product differentiation more important and more valuable than ever.

As well as the concepts, the Liquavista site features other resources, including the Liquavista ColorBright Liquadizer design tool (see The ColorBright Liquadizer enables designers to create concepts and experiment with the power of Liquavista ColorBright when designing consumer electronics products.

“As consumer products become increasingly display led, we believe that Liquavista ColorBright can deliver the brightness and vivid color that designers are looking for,” said David Fisher, Design Director at Seymourpowell. “This range of concepts demonstrates the potential of the technology in key products such as phones and watches.”

Liquavista will deliver both standard and custom displays using the Liquavista ColorBright platform. Standard display designs will be available in a number of colors and can be further customised through reflector choice. The Liquavista ColorBright range will be on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas from 8th-11th January (booth 21421).

About Liquavista
Liquavista was founded in 2006 as a spin-out from the world famous Philips Research Labs in Eindhoven. The company is backed by New Venture Partners, GIMV and Amadeus Capital and has offices in the UK, The Netherlands, and Hong Kong.Liquavista’s vision is to more than double the performance and substantially reduce the environmental impact of information displays, allowing people to be mobile without compromise. Liquavista’s screens produce bright, Colorful images ensuring excellent indoor and outdoor viewability and show video content at very low power. Liquavista’s screens are ideally suited for a wide variety of portable and mobile applications such as phones, watches, cameras, DVD players and automotive applications. Liquavista’s manufacturing technology allows for the re-use of the established display industry supply chain enabling its screens to be very efficiently and rapidly adopted by the electronics industry.

About Seymourpowell
Richard Seymour and Dick Powell formed Seymourpowell in 1984. Since then, both the eponymous British product design company they founded and the individual designers themselves have moved to the very front stage of European and even global design, where, over the years, they have been joined by four design directors – Nick Talbot, David Fisher, Adrian Caroen and Neil Hirst, along with finance director Russell Lloyd and new director and head of SeymourpowellForesight, Ed Hebblethwaite – further strengthening the company’s design offer and increasing the ever-expanding ‘bandwidth’ of projects the company undertakes. In 2007, Seymourpowell merged with Loewy, the fast-moving marketing group, adding further momentum to Loewy’s strategy to build a collaborative super-group with the most impressive design credentials. The merger with Seymourpowell renews Loewy’s connection with its founder Raymond Loewy, ‘the man who shaped America’ and one of the founding fathers of industrial design, with his iconic streamlined product designs of the 50s. Seymourpowell is the company behind many break-through design concepts such as the cordless kettle, the world’s first truly pocketable mobile phone, Aqualisa’s ground-breaking digital showers and ENV, the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell motorcycle. Seymourpowell works at the cutting edge of industrial design and consumer product strategy and development across a huge range of sectors including consumer products, transport and FMCG, covering everything from bras to cars and trains to planes for clients including Tefal, Unilever, Nokia, Bell and Honda.