Universal Powerline Association Announces UPA Technology Conference

The Universal Powerline Association (UPA), an International not-for-profit trade association providing a forum for the design and development of interoperable and open specifications and focused on promoting the successful international application of powerline technologies; announces its Inaugural Technology and Exhibition Conference on May 19-20, 2009 in San Diego, CA. USA.

The UPA “Plug into Profit 2009″ Conference is the first and only event to offer a one-stop shop for companies integrating powerline communications or developing powerline products for Smart Grid, home networking or command and control applications. It includes technical, application and business presentations from leading companies on the role of powerline technology in Energy Efficiency, Home Area Networks, Smart Grid, IPTV, HDTV, Internet Connectivity and Consumer Applications. UPA will demonstrate its latest technologies, as well as provide presentations on its advancing technologies and world-class design solutions allowing members and their customers to accelerate time from design in of UPA to revenue production.

The central theme for this inaugural conference is “Driving Profits” to create value for Manufacturers, Vendors, Retailers, System Integrators and the End-User. “UPA based Powerline technologies create New Opportunities for Innovation while driving down installed infrastructure costs and create new ways of communication and networking” stated UPA Chairman Daniel Drolet.

The UPA is coordinating with Spintelligent in the production and hosting of this inaugural event. “UPA’s “Plug into Profit 2009″ provides a unique opportunity for attendees to interact with a wide range of technical professionals from industry leading companies, hear about the most recent technical advances in the powerline industry, and experience the latest from providers, design companies, and system integrator companies among others”, said Rudi Leitner CEO of Spintelligent.

Mark your calendar for the UPA “Plug into Profit 2009″ Conference and reserve your participation today, contact Christa.robijn@spintellingent.com +27 21 700 3500.

About the Universal Powerline Association
The Universal Powerline Association (UPA) is an International not-for-profit trade association working to promote global standards and regulations in the fast developing Powerline communications market. The UPA aims to catalyze the growth of Powerline technology by delivering UPA plug tested and certified products that comply with these specified standards and regulations. All products and applications designed around UPA guidelines will communicate, from simple coexistence to full interoperability. The UPA provides all Powerline players the opportunity to respond to key customer expectations with open standards, based on interoperability, security and coexistence and supported by exclusive and independent certifications, the only global guarantee of quality and confidence for high-speed power line technology available today. Members of the UPA include: AcBel Polytech Inc., Ambient Corporation, Analog Devices, Arteche, Belfuse Inc., Buffalo Inc., Comtrend, Corinex Communications Corp., Current Technologies International, D-Link, DS2, Freedom Digital Networks, China Gridcom Company Ltd, Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute, Logitec Corporation, LS Cables, Netgear, PCN Technology, Pirelli Broadband, Power Monitors Inc., Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH, Towada Well Design, Toyo Networks & System Integration Co.,Ltd and Watteco.