Mercury Computer Systems Unveils RACE++ PowerPC 7448 Multicomputer

Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: MRCY), a leading provider of embedded, high-performance computing solutions for image, sensor, and signal processing applications, announced the availability of the RACE ++® Series PowerPC® 7448 Multicomputer. The RACE++ Series PowerPC 7448 Multicomputer is a high-performance, drop-in product upgrade that adds significant improvements in processor speed, L2 cache size, and application performance over previous RACE++ products built on the PowerPC 7447A processor. The new PowerPC 7448 Multicomputer comprises a Mercury MCJ6 motherboard and two faster daughtercards that interface directly with the RACE++ switch fabric. By maintaining commonality with previous RACE++ Series PowerPC products, Mercury provides an easy upgrade path for existing system designs.

Mercury Computer Systems RACE++ Series PowerPC 7448 MulticomputerThe Mercury RACE++ Series interconnect fabric represents the most robust and proven approach for multicomputer digital signal processing, with products deployed in more than 1,000 programs worldwide. With current economic pressures, the life cycles of electronic subsystems in many defense programs are being extended to reduce costs. Mercury’s new RACE++ upgrade is the latest example of how Mercury helps its customers to protect their application investment by providing compatibility across product generations. The RACE++ Series PowerPC 7448 Multicomputer allows integrators the option to increase application performance while preserving their investment in the existing system chassis, hardware, and software – thus providing savings in development costs.

“The RACE++ switch fabric is deployed on numerous defense computing platforms worldwide,” said Steve Patterson, Product Manager for the Embedded Performance Solutions Group at Mercury Computer Systems. “With the RACE++ Series PowerPC 7448 Multicomputer upgrade, we’re able to provide customers with cost-effective performance improvements and a processor technology refresh, demonstrating our long-term commitment to RACE++ products and enabling a lower-cost upgrade option, as compared with moving to products based on the newer VITA standards.”

The two daughtercards on the RACE++ Series PowerPC 7448 Multicomputer combine two 1.06-GHz MPC7448 processors with AltiVec[tm] technology to address today’s power-sensitive legacy upgrade market. The low-power version of the PowerPC 7448 enables a RACE++ product upgrade that has less power dissipation than the previous generation based on the PowerPC 7447A, minimizing customer re-qualification costs.

In addition to the upgraded RACE++ products, Mercury offers product solutions for high-end, floating-point digital signal processing in all the major form factors, including VME, VXS, 6U VPX, 3U VPX, AdvancedTCA, and MicroTCA.

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