Sunrise Telecom Rolls Out STT 40G Test System for 40G/43G Networks

Sunrise Telecom® Incorporated (OTC: SRTI.PK), a leader in test and measurement solutions for telecom, cable and wireless networks, announced the latest addition to its STT product family, the STT 40G, a 40G/43G test system designed to verify the performance of new, high-bandwidth synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH), optical transport networks (OTN) and SONET networks. The demand for high-bandwidth applications continues to grow quickly, placing severe demands on service providers to rapidly upgrade their transport networks with 40G/43G technology, while economic conditions require capital expenditures to be minimized. Sunrise Telecom’s STT 40G meets these challenges by enabling communications providers to augment their test portfolio for successful 40G/43G optical networks deployment without completely replacing lower rate test sets.

“40G SDH/SONET and 43G OTN are the latest high capacity technologies being deployed over DWDM as carriers upgrade to meet growing bandwidth demand,” said Michael Howard, principal analyst and co-founder of Infonetics Research. “To test, deploy, operate, and maintain peak network performance, service providers need correspondingly new tools to verify transport network performance. The STT 40G is designed for these high speed service functions while also minimizing equipment investments.”

“As super-high-bandwidth links, like OTU3, STM-256 or OC-768 carry more user traffic, a single failure could have a catastrophic impact on a large subscriber base and create a major crisis for service or transport providers. Communications providers need powerful and comprehensive testing procedures and tools to appropriately provision these mission critical circuits,” said Bahaa Moukadam, Sunrise Telecom’s vice president of marketing. “Unlike other 40G testers on the market today, the Sunrise Telecom STT 40G has been designed with an intense focus on extreme user friendliness while at the same time being able to perform comprehensive 40G/43G link performance and reliability testing enabling communications providers to deliver reliable services to their customers.”

The STT 40G has widespread applications in pre-deployment test labs, central offices and in the field. Communication service providers, including telcos, cable operators, wireless service providers, long haul and trans-oceanic (fiber) transport companies can deploy the STT 40G in central offices and key points of presence throughout their core networks as they bring 40G/43G links into service, troubleshoot and maintain their networks. With the STT 40G, network equipment manufacturers can arm their installation and maintenance crews to verify successful network element turn-up.

Unlike single purpose 40G testers, the STT platform allows users to test a wide range of Ethernet up to 10GbE, SONET/SDH, xWDM and ROADM technologies in a single platform reducing overall CapEx investment. The optional 10/10.7G drop feature gives technicians the ability to drop test signals to lower rate instruments and perform complementary tests. This feature is especially valuable in lab settings where technicians often need to map lower rate signals coming from a network element, simulator, or analyzer to 40/43G links.

The STT 40G is available to order immediately from the company. Initial customer shipments will begin in December 2008. For pricing and upgrade information, contact Sunrise Telecom at 800-701-5208 or

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