Quantum3D Rolls Out Geoscape Worldwide Geo-Specific Database

Quantum3D, Inc., a leading provider of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) real-time visual computing solutions, announced the availability of Geoscape Worldwide. The geo-specific worldwide database follows on the company’s leadership in geo-specific databases, including those for the conterminous United States, Guam, and more. Geoscape Worldwide is targeted toward fixed-wing and rotary-wing applications. Unlike competing worldwide databases that offer geo-typical representations of the earth, Geoscape Worldwide is built from 15m base geo-specific imagery covering 100% of the earth’s landmasses outside the Polar Regions. Augmented with 10m geo-specific imagery covering the entire conterminous United States (CONUS), the database also offers 10 FAA Level D Areas of Interest (AOIs) in CONUS built from geo-specific imagery with resolutions from 5m to 60 cm.

Base areas of the earth are represented by 3 levels of detail (LODs) morphing terrain, and AOIs are included with up to 6 LODs morphing terrain. Definite transition from landmasses to water bodies is provided by extensive use of vector shoreline data.

So that users can add and remove AOIs in response to changing training mission scenarios, Geoscape Worldwide is structured to support AOI overlays onto the 15m base LODs. Using overlays, users can expand, enhance, and maintain the evolution of their own version of Geoscape Worldwide, as well as incorporate new AOIs from Quantum3D as they are developed.

Geoscape Worldwide is optimized for Quantum3D’s Independence image generators and is comprised of fifteen separate regions joined seamlessly for world-wide continuous flight applications. Gaming regions are paged into the simulation automatically, unnoticeably, and without interruption as the training mission proceeds anywhere across the surface of the earth.

“The introduction of our worldwide database brings a number of firsts to the real-time visual simulation market,” said John Archdeacon, VP of Product Marketing at Quantum3D. “Geoscape Worldwide is the first COTS worldwide geo-specific database on the market, runs on Quantum3D’s image generators without the need for user preparation, includes geo-specific instead of geo-typical imagery, and uses the best quality global imagery available. The result is a better worldwide database product that is also attractively priced for our customers.”

Geoscape Worldwide is being delivered to Lockheed Martin Aerospace for the company’s initial deployment. The company noted that it is accepting orders today and encouraged interested parties to stop by the company’s booth #1501 at I/ITSEC from December 1-4 or contact the company directly at salesinfo@quantum3d.com or +1 (770) 924-4690.

About Quantum3D
Quantum3D, Inc. is the leading developer and manufacturer of Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS), open-architecture, real-time visual computing solutions. Quantum3D combines the most advanced hardware and software systems for graphics simulation in a variety of markets and implementations-image generation; tactical computing for avionics, vehicle, and man-wearable applications; synthetic environments; graphics subsystems; and other COTS solutions. Quantum3D is a privately held company headquartered in San Jose, California.

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