Elektrobit Develops 911 Assist, Vehicle Health Report for Ford SYNC

EB, as a technology provider to Ford, has developed a set of applications for Ford SYNC, a fully integrated car connectivity and entertainment platform. The SYNC platform represents a significant technology leap in the automotive infotainment domain as it enables Ford to continuously add applications to SYNC during the life cycle of a car. EB supplies two groundbreaking applications, 911 Assist and the Vehicle Health Report (VHR). The 911 Assist calls automatically for help in case of an accident and the VHR delivers a diagnostics report on a voice command.

The SYNC platform makes it easy to connect consumer devices like mobile phones and portable music players with the car. It allows the user to operate a variety of portable digital music players and Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones with voice commands in English, French and Spanish. SYNC is one of the most requested features particularly among 18 to 35 year-old car buyers. EB refined the platform making it easier to integrate third-party applications. “EB’s long experience in automotive software integration and human-interface development was essential for the success of this project,” says Artur Seidel, General Manager of Elektrobit Inc.

In case of an airbag deployment, the 911 Assist enables a SYNC-equipped vehicle to call a national emergency number. Using SYNC’s hands free connectivity and synthesized speech the appropriate emergency communications can take place. In the future the system will also send GPS data to localize the car.

The VHR application will let the SYNC-equipped vehicle run a vehicle diagnostics report via a voice command or after a predefined mileage interval has been reached. The VHR checks all control units in the vehicle and sends the diagnostic data via a mobile phone to a Ford back-end server that forwards this information to the user via e-mail. Both applications will be released in 2008 on Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury products in North America.

“EB is proud to have implemented these SYNC applications for Ford and looks forward to supplying further innovation on this advanced infotainment platform”, says Artur Seidel, General Manager of Elektrobit Inc.

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EB, Elektrobit Corporation
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