DSM Computer Offers Windows XP Professional for Embedded Systems

Until June 30, 2008, the end of Windows® XP Professional by Microsoft® Corporation was an accomplished fact. With this decision, the official sale of Windows® XP Professional for the complete consumer market was stopped. The software, however, is currently still available in the market. The so-called System Builder licenses for Windows® XP Professional can still be purchased until January 31, 2009 from distributors.

Windows XP Professional for Embedded Systems“Windows® XP Professional for Embedded Systems” is the industrial version of the classic XP Pro Desktop operating system and will be available for dedicated systems for industrial use until at least 2016; the new designation: Windows® Embedded Enterprise.

Certain manufacturers, including DSM Computer AG in Munich, are still permitted to equip their industrial system line with the software. This is permitted by a contract from 2005 made with Microsoft® Corporation. Consequently, DSM AG, as Embedded OEM partner of Microsoft®, is permitted to supply Windows® XP Professional software beyond 2010 until at least 2016. The delivery is made only in conjunction with the DSM Computer AG industrial controllers. Furthermore, DSM is authorized to create its own recovery disks for their industrial systems.

The extremely long availability by DSM Computer AG is possible because of the Microsoft® Embedded OEM status and may be a little surprising given the availability of Windows® Vista[TM], however, in particular in industry, the ensured long-term availability is in demand not only for the hardware but also for the software. A change would have enormous time and cost consequences, and, in particular for the developers, is not always popular because of the new features that the software provides. Its status as Microsoft® Embedded OEM Partner allows DSM Computer AG to also pre-activate the operating system for larger quantities.

In particular in the automation world, in recent years, Windows® XP Professional has well established itself and most system applications have been designed accordingly. At least in industry, an end for Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional (new: Windows® Embedded Enterprise) is not on the horizon.

About the DSM Computer AG
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