Avalue Develops ACP-GM45 Gaming Board

Avalue’s new gaming board ACP-GM45 is powered by Intel® dual-core GM45 technology, supports dual views and offers security components and unique I/O interfaces that gaming systems request, such as CC Talk and JAMMA. ACP-GM45 is a high-leveled Mini-ITX form factor gaming mainboard that features strong expandability and delivers exceptional graphics and 3-D processing functions to provide gaming system integrators a multifunctional gaming platform. Moreover, Avalue’s strength of integration of hardware and software provides safe, rapid, and simplified total solution.

Avalue ACP-GM4 Gaming PlatformExceptional 3-D Graphics Performance
The adopted 45 nanoscience of Intel® GM45 features the latest graphics processing technology with GMA 4500, which means no need for independent graphic chips. This, in turn, delivers excellent graphics and 3-D rendering performance, plus the ICH9M high-speed chipset drives outstanding system performance and suits many kinds of gaming machines, such as slot machines, video games, or multi-player games. The ACP-GM45 supports versatile Intel® dual-core processors, a front-side bus (FSB) up to 1066MHz, and two sets of 4GB DDR2/DDR3 memory controllers, substantially scaling up the processing speed. In sum, the ACP-GM45 features high benefits but in a small package of 170 x 200 cm mainboard.

High-Secure Specificities
Focusing on the specificities of the gaming industry, the ACP-GM45 provides high-end security solutions. The security chipset helps defend against software-based attacks, and the EEPROM 64KB read-only encoding function and hardware random number generator (RNG) protects data from being false or stolen. Additionally, the onboard iButton interface enables users to connect with Internet storage peripherals to identify players on login and trace back players’ records. Also, two sets of up to 512KB SRAM false-tolerance devices promptly save players’ status and actions in case of emergency, and the battery backup enables connection to warning alarms to decrease damage that owners and players may have.

Powerful Management Capability
The ACP-GM45 offers powerful system management capability. It is integrated with customers’ needs, providing quick and safe JAMMA interface, dual independent display support that allows for flexible display configurations, two sets of real-time clocks (RTC), two sets of lithium batteries, a 32-bit digital I/O interface, and an electrostatic sensitive device (ESD) that prevents the mainboard from being burned out by unstable electricity and also enables connectivity to many kinds of peripherals, such as lampions.

Features of ACP-GM45

  • Supports 45nm Intel® µFC-PGA/BGA Socket-P Core[tm] 2 Duo CPU
  • Intel® GM45 / ICH9-M Chipset
  • Two SODIMMs up to 4GB DDR2 667/800 SDRAM
  • Intel® Graphics Accelerator 4500MHD
  • Dual View, 2-CH LVDS, Dual VGA
  • 7.1-CH Audio, 6W Amplifier, Dual Gbe
  • 1CF, 1 PCI, 8 USB, 4 SATA, 3 COM, 2 CC Talk
  • 32 Isolated DI, 32 Darlington DO
  • Battery Backup 512KB x 2 SRAM
  • JAMMA Interface

The ACP-GM45 is aimed at gaming and amusement markets. It enables easy integration in a wide range of gaming machine, such as bingo, slot machines, video games, arcade games, multi-player machines, etc.

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