Leadis Rolls Out TapTouch Solution for Capacitive Touch Applications

Leadis Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: LDIS), a provider of best-in-class semiconductor solutions for display, power management, touch and audio applications, announced a technological innovation that lowers the cost of capacitive touch implementation in high button count applications. Leadis’ new TapTouch[tm] technology supports up to 56 independent touch zones with a single 15-channel integrated circuit, enabling the integration of large numbers of capacitive touch buttons while keeping system cost and power consumption to a minimum.

Leadis Technology TapTouch Solution for Capacitive Touch ApplicationsTapTouch[tm] extends the capabilities of Leadis’ LDS60xx family of button ICs to allow product manufacturers to efficiently implement touch technology into high button count applications such as remote control and telephony applications, where a large number of buttons are inherently required for device operation. TapTouch[tm] may also be used in screen applications such as mobile handsets and handheld games where functions such as icon selection and gesture recognition are desired.

Leveraging Leadis’ expertise in low-cost, low-power solutions, TapTouch[tm] offers several benefits for product manufacturers and end users:

  • Unlike traditional architectures utilizing one sensor per button, TapTouch[tm] leverages an innovative two-layer sensor array that allows each sensor to support multiple touch zones, often eliminating the need for multiple touch controllers
  • Minimizes experience-inhibiting first-touch latency by enabling continuous scanning of touch zones without the high power consumption typically associated with low- or no-latency implementations
  • Supports icon selection and gesture-recognition functions without the need for a more expensive full-resolution touch screen controller

In addition, the TapTouch[tm] solution is compatible with Leadis’ integrated LED driver and haptics driver controller offerings.

“Device manufacturers are continuously balancing the needs to meet rising consumer expectations and to keep costs as low as possible,” said Alvin Wong, vice president and general manager for Leadis Technology’s Touch Business Unit. “We believe that the combination of uncompromised user experience, ultra-low power consumption and a reduced bill-of-materials will quickly drive interest in TapTouch, particularly among the most visionary manufacturers.”

TapTouch[tm] employs a two-tiered sensor structure, enabling multiple touch zones to share a single sensor input. By interpreting which two sensor lines have been activated, the host processor can determine which unique zone has been touched. Leadis provides reference host code for touch zone determination that may be adapted for a variety of different TapTouch[tm] configurations and applications.

About Leadis Technology, Inc.
Leadis Technology, Inc., headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, designs, develops and markets analog and mixed-signal semiconductors that enable and enhance the features and capabilities of portable and consumer electronics devices. Leadis’ product offerings include color display drivers, which are critical components of displays used in portable consumer electronic devices; LED drivers, which provide controlled levels of current required to drive light emitting diodes in diverse applications including mobile backlight units; power management ICs including LDOs, LDO controllers, shunt references, thermal switches, current regulators, and battery charger controllers; and audio CODEC and FM transmitter ICs, which are integral components in portable media players and their associated aftermarket accessories. Leadis currently supplies display drivers supporting the major small panel display technologies, including a-Si and LTPS TFT LCDs, color STN LCDs, and color OLED displays, LED drivers supporting backlighting applications, and audio ICs supporting portable media players and aftermarket audio accessories.