Sans Digital Unveils MobileRAID MR4UT RAID Embedded Storage Enclosure

Sans Digital, a leading provider of high performance storage subsystems, is introducing a compact RAID enclosure with enterprise features at an affordable price. The MobileRAID MR4UT is the fastest 4-bay compact RAID enclosure that utilizes embedded hardware RAID for optimal performance. The MR4UT is the first 4-bay hardware RAID enclosure that supports 3.0GB/s via eSATA and 480MB/s via USB 2.0, supporting over 2TB per volume with up to 6TB in Windows XP 64bit, Windows Server 2003 or above and Vista, MAC and Linux.

The Sans Digital MobileRAID is a series of high-end hardware RAID storage solutions that provide unparallel performance and flexibility by embedding RAID engines within the enclosure. The MR4UT is the latest addition that utilizes 400MB/s I/O processor and 128 ECC memory hardware RAID engine, providing over 210MB/s read and 170 MB/s write RAID 5 performance via eSATA interface. The built-in RAID engine also allows the MR4UT to operate on alternative USB or eSATA connections without OS compatibility issues or the need to install drivers. The MR4UT is a cost-effective solution that utilizes enterprise-level features derived from Sans Digital 16-bay rackmounts. Advance features such as online capacity expansion and RAID migration allows flexible capacity expansion, while minimizing data access downtime during the process. RAID configurations could be configured via the built-in LCD panel or via the embedded IP-based web interface, allowing convenient administration of the MR4UT remotely or locally.

In additional to high performance, the MR4UT overcomes the 2TB per volume limitation, fully utilizing the capacity benefit of latest 1.5TB hard drives. For OS with 2TB limitation, the MR4UT is capable of achieving multi-volume RAID, dividing the hard drives into four sets of RAID volumes, bypassing the capacity limitation. “The small footprint of the MR4UT allows users to move the unit from one location to another with ease,” stated Grandy Chen, Sans Digital’s President. “With the unexceptional performance, and cross platform support, the MR4UT is the prefect solution for high performance storage environments with limited workspace.” For more information on MR4UT, please visit:

About Sans Digital
Sans Digital is a brand of high capacity, multi-functional advanced storage products. Sans Digital offers hot-swappable JBOD and RAID products for direct attached storage, network attached storage, and storage area network. Sans Digital’s single unit towers are designed with mobility in mind to be used in a personal and home environment, while its rackmounts are widely popular in enterprise settings. Sans Digital is a storage solutions provider to consumers, businesses and institutions across the world.