Acoustic Technologies Unveils SoundClear ATS6010MMBC5-H for Bluetooth

Acoustic Technologies, Inc., the leading provider of high-quality audio solutions for hands-free products, announced the SoundClear ATS6010MMBC5-H enhanced multi-mic noise and echo cancellation software for Bluetooth headsets based on CSR’s BlueCore5-Multimedia platform. The ATS6010MMBC5-H is the next generation SoundClear dual-mic solution that adds highly desirable downlink processing features including Automatic Volume Control and Automatic Level Control into the SoundClear algorithm. These intelligent adaptive processing features further improve the headset performance and usability by automatically adjusting to background noise and varying line levels for consistent, high-quality speech anywhere.

“Our proven and popular SoundClear 2-mic headset solution just got better,” said Bob Ackmann, CEO of Acoustic Technologies, Inc. “These intelligent adaptive features provide a new level of consistent headset performance and call quality no matter what the noise environment or network variability. We continue to improve our products based on feedback from customers around the world using the more than 25 million units shipped with SoundClear.”

“Acoustic Technologies continues to provide high-quality, feature-rich hands-free solutions to our BlueCore5-Multimedia customers with their SoundClear product offering,” said Niek Van der Duijn Schouten, Marketing Manager of CSR’s Wireless Audio Strategic Business Unit. “Acoustic is a valued member of the eXtension Partner Program that was created to bring to market world-leading wireless solutions for Bluetooth applications.”

Automatic Volume Control automatically boosts the volume level in high local noise conditions so the headset always maintain the ideal loudness and clear speech in ever changing background environments without requiring the user to press a volume button. The Automatic Level Control dynamically adjusts for varying line and signal levels to give consistent speech quality no matter what the network or phone used. Both features are programmable via the RAPID[tm] tuning tool.

The ATS6010MMBC5-H enhanced SoundClear solution for 2-mic Bluetooth headsets offers the following key features:

  • Automatic Level Control
  • Automatic Volume Control
  • 21 dB Noise Cancellation
  • 45 dB Echo Cancellation
  • Dynamically Adjusts to Changing Environmental Conditions
  • Dual Microphone Solution, No Calibration Required
  • Full-Duplex with Smooth and Natural Speech Quality
  • Simple and Fast Tuning with RAPID[tm] Tool

When combined with Acoustic’s powerful SoundTools[tm] and SoundAdvice[tm] audio consulting, the complete SoundClear solution helps customers get products to market quickly and with the highest quality audio performance.

At the headquarters in Arizona, Acoustic’s experienced SoundAdvice software, hardware, and systems engineers utilize state-of-the-art audio equipment to assist with customer projects. Audio consulting includes test and measurement, electrical analysis, mechanical analysis, and recommendations on transducers and plastics. For product improvement, Acoustic prepares a comprehensive report citing the acoustic analysis results and detailed recommendations for achieving optimal sound quality.

About Acoustic Technologies
Acoustic Technologies creates high-quality hands-free audio processing software for leading consumer electronics companies. The SoundClear brand of patented full-duplex communication, echo cancellation, and noise reduction solutions is enabling significant advancements in hands-free voice quality and is proven in over 25 million products around the globe. SoundClear provides natural bi-directional communication in Bluetooth headsets, car radios, GPS navigation devices and other hands-free products.

SoundClear is a registered trademark of Acoustic Technologies Inc. SoundAdvice, SoundTools, and RAPID are trademarks of Acoustic Technologies.