UK Embedded Systems to Take Place in Cambridge, Bristol

The UK event for developers of high-tech systems, the Embedded Masterclass, is to be hosted in both Cambridge and Bristol in the new year. Now in its 10th year, the Embedded Masterclass has played an important role in giving electronic engineers and software programmer’s access to the latest technologies and methods for the development of microprocessor based devices. The event will be held on the 7th May in Cambridge and then again on the 12th May in Bristol.

“The Embedded Masterclass been a great success,” said Richard Blackburn, the organiser. “It started off as a small non-sales seminar to introduce engineers to new technologies but now it’s more of a conference with workshops and an exhibition. It is still very much non-sales, with a focus on the technology and a friendly atmosphere – but has grown in size and offers a broader range of topics. The term ‘embedded’ comes from the fact that high-tech devices have microprocessors ‘embedded’ into the design to give them their intelligence.”

Amongst this year’s topics will be technologies that address the ‘look and feel’ of embedded systems. These include products such as SolidWorks, a 3D computer aided design system that enables engineers to model and test the physical aspects of new product designs and can provide the necessary engineering data for production. Another product to be featured will be a powerful software tool from Canada called Tilcon, that enables engineers to develop impressive graphical user interfaces for electronic systems such as cash points, sat-navs and mobile phones. German debug tools company Lauterbach will also be giving a presentation about how to test software to ensure the final product is responsive bad reliable.

“This year we will be running two workshops,” said Richard. “The first will be a workshop we ran last year, ‘An Introduction to using Embedded Linux’. This was over subscribed last year, so we’ve decided to run it again. The second workshop will be an ‘Introduction to Graphical User Interface Development’. With both the workshops and the presentations we make sure the presenters are engineers who lead their field. We know how valuable an engineers time can be, so we strive to make sure the event is as worthwhile as possible; so we try to ban salesmen and sales presentations from the event.”

A key part of the event will be a tabletop exhibition with many leading vendors providing demonstrations of their latest technology and tools. These companies will range from US embedded Linux company MontaVista, to Swedish mobile phone software developers Enea.

“We have intentionally kept the event to a tabletop format,” said Richard. “We think this helps us keep the focus on the technology rather than having big flash stands and lots of sales managers. We also ask each exhibiting company to send their engineers, not their sales guys. We have learnt that this is something that the visiting engineers really value – the chance to chat at a highly technical level about the issues and challenges that they face on a daily basis.”

The Embedded Masterclass is free to engineers and managers working in the technology sector. However, early registration is recommended, as seat at the presentation are limited. The workshops cost £95 + vat and again early registration is recommended due to limited capacity.