eXludus Becomes Member of HP Multi-Core Optimization Program

eXludus Technologies, a leading developer of multi-core system capacity management, virtualization and provisioning solutions, announced that it has joined the HP Multi-Core Optimization Program. System processor core counts, and associated parallel processing capacity, are rapidly increasing. However, most applications are serial designs not capable of effectively using this parallel computing capacity now available to them.

Re-writing applications to take full advantage of today’s multi-core systems is a difficult, time-consuming and costly process. This situation has created a major application performance challenge for the industry. eXludus’ MultiCore Optimizer software addresses the parallel processor/serial application disconnect by inserting an intelligent resource allocation middleware layer between the applications and the operating system that allows unmodified applications to better leverage multi-core system potential based on resource needs.

“eXludus’ MultiCore Optimizer software helps customers increase the value of system investments through more efficient use of processing capacity”, said Dale Geldart, Chief Operating Officer, eXludus Technologies. “We are pleased to join the HP Multi-Core Optimization program, which will increase user awareness of the options available to them to improve processor utilization rates, which reduces processing times and the energy waste associated with under-utilized assets. We look forward to working with HP and its customers,” Mr. Geldart concluded.

“Customers are looking for cost-effective solutions that will improve the utilization of their existing, serially designed applications as well as their multi-core-aware applications,” said Ed Turkel, manager, Product Marketing, Scalable Computing and Infrastructure Organization, HP. “The inclusion of eXludus’ Multicore Optimizer in HP’s Multi-Core Optimization Program will enable customers to significantly increase performance without having to invest in costly application upgrades or redevelopment efforts.”

About eXludus Technologies
eXludus is the leading developer of multi-core system capacity management, virtualization and provisioning solutions for data center, cluster and grid deployments. eXludus’ innovative ‘coreware’ – software products that virtualize and manage processing cores – optimizes system productivity allowing more work to be completed in less time at lower cost. eXludus solutions are designed to complement existing infrastructure and make it simple for customers to instantly benefit from productivity gains without need for application modifications, lengthy deployment cycles or long learning curves. Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, eXludus has sales offices and partnerships worldwide.