Fanfare Releases iTest 3.3 for Test Automation

Fanfare, delivering innovative testing solutions to service providers (SPs), network equipment manufacturers (NEMs), and enterprises announced the latest release of iTest®, the company’s flagship test automation product. iTest 3.3 is a comprehensive testing solution for heterogeneous system and device testing. It builds on the capabilities of earlier versions to integrate test assets and automate complex system testing using hardware and software from a variety of different vendors. iTest 3.3 also enables broader use across the quality chain, from the development stage through to customer testing sites. The result is a strong test automation platform for sharing test assets that reduces product release cycles while enhancing the overall quality of product being released to the marketplace.

“The need for this has never been greater,” said Tom Ryan, president and CEO of Fanfare. “As we face uncertain economic times, it is essential for companies to maximize the efficiency of their testing resources without sacrificing quality or time to market. Fanfare has become the de facto standard for maintaining a competitive edge in today’s challenging market environment.”

New features of iTest 3.3 include:

  • Intelligent Response Parser (IRP) – allows pass/fail criteria to be determined in a single mouse click
  • Automatic Response Map – enables IRP pass/fail criteria to be easily maintainable across several releases, even when software changes
  • iTest Assistant – reinforces workflow for a particular company’s quality process, and assists new users of iTest
  • Serial Port – a new functionality that automates testing of systems and devices accessed via the Serial Port
  • Features to ease the testing of High Availability functionality in carrier-class devices

Several additional enhancements have also been made to the product line to strengthen overall functionality for sophisticated system testing.

“We are excited to offer our customers innovative capabilities such as IRP and automatic response mapping,” said Greg Fairbanks, director of product marketing at Fanfare. “These features will allow even new users to build powerful analysis into their test cases.”

Existing Fanfare customers with current maintenance or subscription licenses are able to upgrade to iTest 3.3 as part of their maintenance contract or subscription license. Annual subscription rates are as follows:

  • $1,700 for iTest Personal
  • $6,500 for iTest Team, the most popular iTest edition
  • $9,000 for iTest Enterprise

iTest 3.3 is now generally available.

About Fanfare
Fanfare provides software solutions to high-tech equipment manufacturers and service providers that simplify and accelerate device and system testing. Developers and testers create and share automated tests that control and analyze results from multiple devices, traffic generators, and applications while automatically documenting each test with pass-fail criteria. With Fanfare solutions, companies can move along the path toward automation while accelerating QA cycles, reducing time to market, and increasing the quality of released products. Industries such as communications, aerospace and defense, consumer electronics, automotive, industrial, and medical devices have benefited from Fanfare products.