Nallatech Showcases FSB, PCI Express FPGA Accelerator Products at SC08

Nallatech, the domain expert in FPGA Accelerated Computing, will be providing live demonstrations of its latest PCI Express® (PCIe) and Intel® Front Side Bus (FSB) FPGA accelerators at booth 281 at SC08 (Supercomputing 2008). Featured at the conference will be Nallatech’s in-socket Intel® FSB modules which achieve several industry firsts:

  • The first FSB FPGA accelerator featuring Xilinx-based FPGAs
  • The first FPGA accelerator with true 8GB/s peak and 5GB/s of sustained host communication bandwidth
  • The first FPGA accelerator with < 110ns access speeds to system memory
  • The first FPGA accelerator with up to 256GB of directly coupled server memory

The modular FSB-FPGA platform now has three modules available:

  • FSB Base Module, which interfaces directly to an Intel® Xeon® processor socket and the 64-bit 1066MHz FSB bus
  • FSB Compute Module, which enables up to 660K logic cells per module by utilizing two large Xilinx Virtex[tm]-5 FPGAs and SRAM memory that are user configured to host the accelerated algorithm
  • FSB Expansion Module, the latest member of the family which includes one large Xilinx Virtex®-5 FPGA, QDR memory, plus off-module I/O with direct access to high-speed GTP (3.125Gbps) / GTX (6.5Gbps) transceivers and GPIO pins on the FPGA

Each module is supplied as part of an integrated platform based on the Intel® Xeon® MP 7300 four-socket server. The four sockets can be configured with a mix of Intel® Xeon® processors and FPGA accelerator modules. Depending on the configuration, module pricing starts at less than $2500 in volume production.

For customers interested in exploring this technology, Nallatech offers a development system that is a complete package of hardware, software and tools.

“Nallatech has worked closely with both Intel and Xilinx to develop a comprehensive FPGA Accelerated Computing product line,” said Allan Cantle, President and Founder of Nallatech. “Many computing problems can be accelerated by FPGAs. Our complete product line allows us to configure a computing system that optimizes performance, power consumption and price to customer application needs.”

“This is the first time an FPGA and a CPU are sharing the same large, tightly-coupled, system memory space in an embedded system,” says Ivo Bolsens, CTO of Xilinx. “Nallatech’s ready to use product bundles offer an ideal avenue for letting users try out this exciting new technology.”

Nallatech’s PCI Express and Intel® FSB FPGA accelerators are both compatible with Intel® QuickAssist Technology Accelerator Abstraction Layer (AAL), a comprehensive Intel initiative to optimize the use and deployment of accelerators on Intel® architecture platforms.

“Nallatech’s PCI Express and Intel Xeon processor Front Side Bus accelerator products provide customers with powerful and flexible FPGA-based solutions for Intel platforms,” said Dr. Nash Palaniswamy, Strategic Initiatives, Intel Corporation. “We are pleased to include Nallatech in our Intel QuickAssist Technology Community.”

About Nallatech
Nallatech, a subsidiary of Interconnect Systems, Inc. (, is the domain expert in accelerated FPGA computing solutions. Nallatech designs and manufactures high-performance FPGA products for High Performance Computing applications and Rugged Embedded Computing platforms. Customers benefit from lower costs, reduction in size, weight and power and improved performance.